A Day in the Life of a Paddington Pups Pack Leader

7.30am – Opening the doors for another day.  We set up for the busy day ahead: filling mop buckets, turning on the hydrobath, dispersing toys, water bowls and beds for the pups, all the while greeting and bringing in today’s doggies.Walking Many Dogs on Lead

9.00am – Walks get underway! We organise the walks as per the personalities and capabilities of each individual dog, making sure everyone gets a walk that will keep them comfortable and satisfied. Some pups get to trek around Suncorp stadium, while others take a quick trip around a block or two.  The bigger dogs will sometimes be taken into the dog park to have a run and a play to wear themselves out that little bit more (making it easier on us Pack Leaders for the remainder of the day.)

12.00pm – Doggy and human lunch time comes next.  Followed by hydrobaths so the dogs go clean and smelling wonderful. All this happens while the rest of the pack has a bit of relaxation and nap.  Or, if none of them want to sleep, we will play some games like fetch.

3.00pm – We start the afternoon clean. Collecting the beds and toys from off the floor and then sweeping and mopping all of the play areas with Vet grade disinfectants.  We wash the toys and water bowls, and soak the ‘wee mops’ in disinfectants overnight.  These procedures ensure a clean and sterile area for the next day!

Dogs Sleeping4.30pm – The pooches start getting picked up from daycare and taken home, all happy and exhausted from a long day of playing and hanging out with their friends!

By the way, while we Pack Leaders are busy entertaining and supervising the dogs, our Groomers are hard at work ensuring all the grooming dogs are beautifully clipped and cleaned.  So as you can see, a lot of fun can happen in one day at Paddington Pups!

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