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Product of the Month Molly Mutt Beds



Molly Mutt Beds are designed to reuse old clothing or Manchester items and making them into a brand new dog bed.

Molly Mutt has a beautiful range of colours and designs of bed covers to keep your house hold looking fresh. These easy washable covers are durable and affordable.

The range also includes a water proof sack to keep all the insides dry if your dog was to wet the bed.

They come in 3 different sizes; small, medium/large and huge.

The Huge are priced at $76.95, The Medium/Large are $54.95 and the Small are $45.

Store away old blankets and clothing in these stylish dog beds which will remove excess clutter and keep your pooch warm and cosy this winter.

Get in quick at Paddington Pups as these great beds are very popular.



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Help Socalise your Dog

dogs-playingIt is important that dogs can play and be around other dogs and animals, but they cannot always do this by themselves which is why it is important to socialise your dog. Here are some handy hints on how to go about socialising one of the worlds most social creatures.


Early Socialisation; To ensure your dog is social it is important to start socialisation at a young age. It’s vital that this is done voluntarily and gradually because puppies like other young animals can get overwhelmed. Puppies also go through fear imprint stages in their early development which occurs around  8 to 10 weeks, and 6 to 14 months, which means during these times anything traumatic is more likely to impact their fears during their life.


Build Exposure; In order for your dog to feel comfortable in different environments, building exposure is important. During the fear imprint times … Click here to read more….

Urine Off Stain Remover Video: Product of the Week

House training your pet can be tough and messy but with Urine Off those little mistakes on the carpet can be easily removed.

It is the only product of its kind with enzymes developed to work in combination with specially adapted bacteria that will actually consume uric acid crystals, and remove the odour with its pleasant citrus fragrance.

More information can be found by watching the below video and be sure to pick up a bottle of Urine Off when you’re next in store at Paddington Pups.

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How To Choose A Boarding Kennel or Dog Care Provider

When it is time for you or your family to head away on a dog-free holiday, it sometimes can prove quite difficult to find the kind of caring facility suitable for your dog. There are a few options to choose from, so you need to make sure you have considered your pet’s needs and health requirements to ensure they are happy (so that you can have a stress-free holiday!). If you do have a dog that has special food/medication requirements, make sure you alert who ever is looking after them of their condition and what they would need to do in case of an emergency.

Boarding Kennel

If you are interested is booking your dog into a boarding kennel while you where away, Queensland have many boarding kennels in that offer a range of services suitable for your pet. In almost all kennels, dogs are handled according to their … Click here to read more….

Notes From The Grooming Table: Hot Spots

Over the past twelve months, with the wetter-than-normal weather, I’ve been getting asked by many of our daycare and grooming clients about hotspots: what are they, and how do dogs get them? As a dog owner whose dog is also predisposed to forming hotspots, I’ve had to do a lot of research and of course spent much time at my vet asking the same questions!

The types of dogs that normally get hotspots are those whose coat holds in moisture, including (but not exclusive to) Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Cattle Dogs. When the coat gets wet and consequently takes a long time to dry, the affected area becomes itchy, and often the only “scratching implements” able to reach these areas are your dogs teeth, leading to minor cuts, grazes and other forms of broken skin.

Typical areas to find hotspots include on the back at the base of the … Click here to read more….

PIAA Pet Store Members Fight to Stamp Out Puppy Farms

News just released earlier today by the Pet Industry Association Australia also know as the PIAA  (which Paddington Pups is a member) released its Dogs Lifetime Guarantee Policy on Traceability and Re-homing for dogs.

This breakthrough new PIAA policy effective in NSW from 1 October 2012, Guarantees that:

Dogs purchased from PIAA member retail stores are sourced from PIAA approved breeders who meet animal welfare standards and whose operations are subject to independent audit by a veterinarian each year.

Any dog purchased from a PIAA member that is subsequently abandoned by its owner will be re-homed and saved from euthanasia. The first state to implement PIAA re-homing is NSW, where PIAA has partnered with RSPCA NSW.

Speaking at the launch at NSW Parliament House, PIAA Chief Executive Roger Perkins said consumers can now be confident that by buying a dog or puppy from a PIAA member store, they Click here to read more….

Dog Breeder Identification Numbers

Recently, the Queensland Government proposed a new dog breeder identification system in an attempt to get rid of puppy farmers and ensure more dogs are raised and placed in good homes. The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was very excited at this recent piece of legislation. The RSPCA has taken care of more than a thousand dogs over the last two years that were seized from their cruel abodes on puppy farms. With the new system, puppies will be able to be traced back to their breeders for the rest of their lives.

What are puppy farms? A puppy farm is a facility that breeds dogs in mass particularly certain rare and highly sought after breeds of dogs and then sells them for a profit. In theory these farms seem perfectly acceptable. Even helpful by providing more supply to a very demanding industry. However, it Click here to read more….

How Walking Your Dog Helps You!

Most dog owners know that walking their dog regularly for only twenty minutes out the day can do wonders for their dog’s health and longevity. However, even though most dog owners understand the importance of walking their dog regularly, a small percentage actually commits to doing so. Most people lead busy lives and find it hard to take the time to take their lovable canine companions out every day. Instead we decide to send them out to the backyard or get someone else to take our dog for a walk. Your furry friend may be getting his or her regular dose of exercise but you are still hurting yourself.

Most people forget, get caught up in their work, or simply cannot find the drive to go out and exercise by themselves. This is where your dog comes in. Your dog can be your reminder and exercise coach without doing anything … Click here to read more….

Is Your Puppy Still Cold?

The recent cold snaps throughout the last few weeks have surely been felt by us, but have you thought about your four-legged companions? They too struggle in this frostbite weather, so take a few steps to keep them warm this winter.

Paddington Pups has had a huge influx of queries for jumpers, so make sure you come in store to see our range of coats, jumpers and cardigans for all shapes and sizes. We also have plenty of fleecy and soft beds to meet any price range, including machine washable round beds to nylon hose-able beds!

Our hydrobath also offers heated water, so don’t deny them the opportunity to keep clean- we also offer blow dries in case it’s just a touch too chilly! If it’s grooming you’re after, remember our tidy service only takes length off their face, feet, hygiene areas and tail with a bath and blow-dry, … Click here to read more….

Human Medications and Dogs

Human medications can pose a serious threat to your dog.  When your dog is sick it seems very tempting to simply give your dog medication to ease the pain thinking you are doing the right thing, when in actual fact it could be deadly to your dog.

Dog’s bodily functions differ heavily from ours, therefore their organs and respiratory / blood systems require different nutrients and vitamins to function properly.

It is important that you only give your dog what your vet has specifically prescribed for your animals.  This includes creams, lotions, powders, ointments, and tablets, as anything designed for humans is not necessarily designed for our canine friends.

Some medications to be particularly careful of are –

Ibuprofen – contained in such medications as Nurofen, can cause poisoning, stomach ulcers and/or kidney damage.

Pseudophedrine – This drug is found in popular sinus products but ingested by your pet … Click here to read more….