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Breed Test: Basenji

The Basenji is a well-established breed once bred for hunting in central Africa. Although popular due to their size and cute appearance, the Basenji only comes into season one time annually, causing puppies to be snatched up quickly by breeders.

The breed is often referred to as the ‘barkless dog’ due to its unusual shaped larynx causing more of a yodelling sound.

In many ways the Basenji is very similar to the Australian Dingo, in their colouring, vocal sounds and lack of odour.

Their appearance includes a wrinkley forehead and erect ears, and come in an array of colours including red and white (shown) and brindle.

Although highly intelligent, they are considered very aloof but loyal. Constantly wanting to play, the Basenji is well known for teasing owners until they play!

For health conditions, the Basenji is thought to be relatively fit and healthy, only rarely having skin Click here to read more….