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Brisbane Flood Update at Paddington Pups 3am…. First High Tide of the Day

3 am the first high tide of the morning and I am very sad to say Paddington Pups is already about 1 meter under water!

Flood Preperation at Paddington Pups

A Huge thanks goes out to all the clients today for a great and speedy emergency evacuation we managed to get 35 dogs home in 1 and 1/2 hours.

Also huge thanks to my staff we have managed to move all stock upstairs to what we hope is safety.

We will unfortunately be closed for business for safety reasons while Heussler Terrace is expect to go under with flooding – at this stage I expect we will be close both Wednesday and Thursday.

We will keep you update on developments I hope you and your family stay safe.

Here are some Photos of the preparations we have made for the business.

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