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Holidaying Safely with Your Pets

In today’s modern society, it has become increasingly more popular to take your pets on holiday with you because; lets face it, their part of the family! Until recently, many types of accommodation banned cats and dogs from staying in their facilities, but the niche in the market for pet friendly accommodation has been seized! Dog in tent

Simply type in ‘pet friendly accommodation’ and your Google will light up with hundreds of hits.

Many camp sites (aside from National Parks) now take properly restrained cats and/or dogs throughout Australia, although it is essential you contact the camping park to find out any conditions/requirements that they may have, and to also ensure the safety of the facility for your pets. Ensure you have properly flea and tick treated your animals before going camping or near the beach, to save yourself the vet bills associated with these problems!

Pet friendly houses are also … Click here to read more….