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A Tribute to George the worlds Tallest Dog












Standing up on his hind legs, George the Great Dane stood at 7 foot and 3 inches making him the world’s tallest dog! He was a legend in his lifetime and weighing in at a massive 112 kg made his way into the Guinness Book of Records in 2010 not only as the world’s tallest dog but also as the tallest dog in the world EVER!




Sadly in October 2013, one month before his 8th Birthday, George passed away in in home in Arizona surrounded by his family.


Since Georges passing fellow Great Dane Zeus has taken the title as the Worlds Largest Dog who stands half an inch shorter than George did from feet to shoulders at 42 ½ inches.  Rest in peace giant George, hopefully the make kennels tall enough for you in … Click here to read more….

Breed Test: Great Dane (German Mastiff)

The Great Dane is considered one of the giant breeds, growing up to 109cm with a minimum of 76cm and weighing up to 100kg’s!

It is one of the tallest breeds of dogs, and can come in a range of colours including fawn, brindle, blue and harlequin.

Although their over-whelming size can be a bit to take in, their perfect and gentle nature has granted them the name “the Gentle Giant”. They can also be great guard dogs and can be quite territorial, but they should be socialised early to counteract aggression.

They do require exercise, although not as much as a highly active dog such as a border collie. Over-exercising this giant breed can cause joint and hip problems early on.

Similar to other giant breeds, these dogs can have many health problems in relation to their size. Heart and gastric problems are commonly found in Great … Click here to read more….

Paddington Pups December Dog of the Month: Joe!

Joe is Paddington Pups’ resident gentle giant, and our only Great Dane! His docile and playful nature is reflected in how much the staff here loves to give him hugePaddington Pups December Dog of the Month: Joe bear hugs!

Joe’s immense size sometimes shocks people when he looks over the fence to see who is visiting Paddington Pups. But Joe just likes to follow around the team, seemingly keeping guard over us and staying interested in whatever we’re doing.

Joe will bound over to you (like a horse), ready for a good run around, fetch and wrestle. Then when play is all done he’ll top it all off with a cuddle, often with him sitting himself on your lap in another show of protection and affection.

Joe is also loved by the other dogs, he is so tolerant with the younger pups who just want to follow him around seemingly entranced by his stature. Our … Click here to read more….