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Is Your Dog Eating Poo?

This can be such a frustrating problem for many dog owners!  Your dog eating poo is an undesirable behaviour that you want to be able to sort out quickly and easily, without affecting them negatively.

There are many theories as to why dogs do eat both theirs and other dog’s poo. It can also become an issue when they begin to eat other animal’s poo. The term for them eating poo is Coprophagia, and is very common within the dog world.

Some of the reasons for this behaviour include:

- Puppies develop this issue early on as a substitute for any lack of nutrition, as well as stomach upsets and gastric problems. The wrong diet, parasites or lack of feeding is often the cause of coprophagia.dog-eatspoop

Dogs have done this behaviour for thousands of years, simply as a way of scavenging and also keeping the den clean … Click here to read more….