Home Renovations: Can Tradies and the Pooch live in Harmony?

We often have new clients join us for short periods of time while they have home renovations going on.  Just as we get put out of home when performing renovations, so to can our furry companions.  Considering the hustle and bustle of building and demolition, how do we make this massive event a non-even for our dogs?

Dog in Hard Hat If you are considering home renovations at your place be sure to consider your pet’s physical and mental wellbeing.  Loud noises can be alarming and upsetting for your dog, just as with fireworks or a backfiring car, as well as their being a risk of contamination for your pets when different building materials are disturbed.

There are no protective gloves or face masks for your dog to prevent them inhaling fumes which could harm them!  Builders and tradies have extensive courses that they must undertake in safety and management of different materials, but your dog has no idea that all of these new bits and pieces in their yard aren’t there for them to sniff, lick, play with and pee on.

Some dogs can be very territorial of their home at the best of times, add a few strange men, cars and noises and this problem can become amplified.  This territorial behaviour may end up driving the neighbours nuts with constant barking, and there is also the potential for the dog to become aggressive towards the tradesman.

So what can we do to keep both the dog and the tradesman happy?  If you are able to stay home from work this could be an option, but unfortunately some of us don’t have that luxury!  Have a friend dog sit instead, or remove your dog from the home completely and have your little buddy spend the day at someone else’s home.  Be sure that any time poochy spends at home is supervised so there is no chance if him picking up anything harmful and deciding it’s a toy.

It is also a good idea to ensure the dog is introduced to the tradesmen positively (if the dog is going to be spending time around them).  When the tradies arrive, bring your dog inside and distract him with a play or with treats and training.  Positive association with the noises of construction can bring down stress levels for everyone involved.  Some workplaces let us take our dogs to work with us.  Check to see if you’re able to do this, and make sure your dog is comfy with a bed and water bowl under your desk.

Another option is to put your dog into a boarding kennel for the duration of the renovations.  This can be especially handy if the renovations involve taking down fencing or affecting the area where your dog spends the majority of his time.  With situations like these your dog may need to be looked after for a week or more, and you know your dog will be safe and secure.

If the renovations don’t involve demolishing any of your dogs play area and you’re able to take him home at night, then a doggy daycare, such as Paddington Pups, is the perfect solution!  Once again, you know your dog is in a safe and secure environment and there is no risk involved for him, your tradie, or your home.  A stress free solution for everyone!

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  • YES.. taking care of our pets is an important aspects to think over while doing renovation.

    However, when we had renovation at our home I send my Doggie to my Nani’s home and I frequently visit her place and played with my doggie. after completion of renovation I took it my pet back :)

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