Paddington Pups Evacuation Plan

In the event of an emergency, employees are alerted by a verbal announcement defining the type of emergency.  The policy of this establishment in the event of fire or other emergency is to assess the level of risk;

  • General Evacuation Required, or
  • Rapid Evacuation Required

In the case of General Evacuation:  All the owners of dogs present in daycare (and/or their emergency contacts) are to be phoned and advised of the situation, and advised to pick up their dogs immediately. Any preparations to avoid hazards are to be put in place by safety staff while evacuation is proceeding.  All staff are sent home and expected staff are advised of the situation.  All staff are continually updated on the progress of the situation and are advised on when the threat is over.

In the case of Rapid Evacuation:  Emergency services are to be called on 000.  All staff are to stop all activities immediately and start an emergency dog evacuation.  This involves ensuring all dogs are securely attached to an emergency lead (located at each main gate access point, provided by Paddington Pups), double checking each section for possible hiding dogs and evacuating through the nearest and safest exit, and taking the morning sign in sheet as a roll reference.  All staff and dogs are evacuated to the grassed area of Suncorp Stadium.  Once evacuation has succeeded, dog owners are to be contacted and advised o the emergency situation and their dogs location so they can pick them up.  These customer details are accessible on the company web-based database.

Portable fire extinguishers are provided in the workplace for employee use.  In the event of fire, emergency services must be called first on 000, and then any employee may use extinguishers in attempt to extinguish the fire before evacuating.

In the event of an emergency, the most senior staff member is the only staff member permitted to remain in or around the workplace.  They are to shut it down safely or to monitor critical operations before they evacuate, locking the premises if possible.  If the emergency is too dire, they are to evacuate and not put themselves in any danger.  No employees are assigned to perform medical or rescue duties during emergency evacuation situations.evac plan

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  • This is such a good thing for all businesses to have, but most especially businesses like yours that have helpless lives in your hands. Thanks for posting this. I find it comforting and responsible.

  • With the care of so many lovely dogs all members of someones family it would be irresponsible if we didn’t have a plan. Thanks for the comment :)

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