Safe On-Lead Walking

We all want to walk our dogs at some time, if not every day, at least every few days to get them out and about and also to get some exercise for yourself!

To walk your dog safely, there are some basic things to keep in mind in order to have an enjoyable walk with your dog(s) and when meeting and greeting with your dog.

Dogs can get what’s called lead ‘frustration’ very easily and what that means is they can get into a behaviour whereby they will be pulling, lunging, whimpering and basically just not listening to you when on lead if they see another dog, child or something that stimulates them and catches their attention.

You should always have your dog on-lead when out and about – this is particularly important as not only is it required by our laws here in Queensland, but for the safety of everyone including your dog.

Attend an obedience class whereby you can learn how to walk your dog using a nice ‘loose lead’ technique and learn how to manage and control your dog around distractions.  Once you start getting some practice, go for longer walks and increase your time getting success with the loose lead technique.  This will relax your dog more when you are out walking. When you are holding the lead tight constantly when walking your dog, not only will your dog not relax very easily, but they will fight against the lead and pull even more.  This will also affect the way your dog will want to handle situations such as meeting another dog and whether or not the interaction will be a pleasant one or turn into an affair that’s not very enjoyable.

Make sure you hold your lead correctly in both hands and always keep a secure grip on the lead.  Don’t get complacent about how strong your dog can be and how quickly things can change if your dog sees something it wants to chase or lunge towards, such as a bird or cat.  Many a person walking their dog have been pulled over, tripped, fallen down embankments, and caused injury all due to them not being in control of their dog and also getting taken off guard by their dog when they least expect it.

If you have young children, make sure you are always in control as a parent and don’t leave any children under the age of 8 to walk the dog alone or without help as they can easily let go of the lead if the dog pulls or wants to run off.  It’s important that the children are definitely involved in the walking of the dog and that it is a fun exercise for everyone.

Walking your dog should always be safe, fun, and enjoyable!

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