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December 2017 Dog of the Month

December Dog of the Month  – Congratulations Frankie Brady

Frankie is a 3 year-old black Labrador who has been part of the Paddington Pups pack since early 2015.

Frankie first started coming to Paddington Pups when he was a bit over a year old and we have had the pleasure of watching him grow into the gorgeous, friendly and playful dog he is today.

Each day he comes in he bounces through the front door full of energy, ready for a day full of endless play. Frankie never seems to fail at putting a smile on our faces and seems to brighten the day each time he visits.

Frankie is always happy to see the other dogs but, is best friends with Jess, a member of our staff, he can barely contain himself each time he spots her.

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Dog of the Month – August 2017

August Dog of the MonthRufus Pearce


We happily announce that Augusts dog of the month is Rufus Pearce! He has been coming to Paddington Pups for over 9 years now and is such a playful, well-mannered part of our pack that we can’t help but smile every time we see him.

Rufus often joins us with his friend Chicken, the dog, and loves relaxing with all our other smaller pack members.

We have loved watching Rufus grow up and are looking forward to all his future visits too.

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April Dog of the Month

April Dog of the Month


Born in 1999, Jack is one of the more senior citizens that join us at Paddington Pups. He is loved very much by all the team and has been part of the pack since 2012.

Jack is a wonderful dog and brings a smile to everyone’s face with his loving and kind nature.

Even though he is now blind Jack knows his way around Paddington Pups and has his favourite areas, which he heads straight to when he comes in.

He loves hanging out with the groomers and watching over the other young pups as they race around!

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March Dog of the Month

March Dog of the Month 


Ned has been a part of the Paddington Pups daycare family for a year now! He’s always so excited to see his friends for the day that he races straight through the front door and into daycare, eagerly awaiting to play!

He’s easily made a lot of friends, both four legged and two legged. He’s full of love and cuddles and his gorgeous smile gets us every time!

Congratulations Neddy boy!

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February Dog of the Month

February Dog of the Month – CONGRATULATIONS LILY!

Lily is an 8-year-old Border Collie who has been coming to Paddington Pups on a regular basis for  8 years now.

She always enters day care with a lot of enthusiasm in the mornings and greets all of the staff and other dogs with a lot of love and happiness.

She has quite a few dog friends and gets along with them all really well regardless of how big or small, or young or old they are. Her favourite activities include asking for pats from the staff by putting her head on our laps and running around like crazy with the other pups.

Congratulations Lily! We all love you very much!

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January 2017 Dog of the Month



Archie is our favorite little Shetland Sheepdog who has been visiting Pad Pups regularly for nearly 3 years now.

He runs through the front gate with great enthusiasm in the mornings when he comes in to visit and greets us all with lots of love and excitement.

His favorite activities include climbing on the play gyms and running around with his friends all day.

Congratulations buddy! We all love you very much!

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Paddington Pups Dog of the month for November




jackie boy












Jack is a very handsome very loving 15-year-old Bison Frieze.

He has been attending Paddington Pups for over 2 years now. Jacks favourite things to do is eat treats from Lisa, follow Lisa around and hang out with his girl friend Lucy.


Jacks best friend at Paddington Pups is Oscar the little Chihuahua they hang out together all day in the grooming area with their best mate Lisa.

Hope you enjoy your prize pack Jack!


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Paddington Pups Dog of the Month



Congratulations Titan!
Titan is our big, beautiful Great Dane who has been a regular attendee at Paddington Pups for the last 2 years.
He has come a very long way, from being a naughty dog to a lovely one, with the help of his mum and all of us at Paddington Pups .

Titan is always so excited to come into daycare and is extremely lovely to all the staff. He’s never afraid to give us a giant kiss in the morning!

His girlfriend, Soda, who is a fellow dog of the month winner is always so happy to see him and they play all day!
Congratulations Titan, we know you’ll also enjoy your prize pack!

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Dog of the Month for July



Maci is a 2 year old French Bull dog x Pug who has been coming to us for just over a year now. Every morning she arrives her mum and dad struggle to contain her excitement as she greets all of us at the door. Her favourite thing to do in day care is wrestle around with the other smoosh face dogs and chase the toys up and down the day care. We love having her in and hope she never leaves us!

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Paddington Pups Dog of the Month Congratulations Maggie!


Sweet little Maggie the West Highland White Terrier has been coming into day care for a very long time.

She loves running into Paddington Pups and greeting all the staff, receiving pats, scratches and treats.

Maggie also loves to rumble around with the smaller dogs that are more her size and run up and down the jungle gym.

Maggie’s favourite toy is the rope toy, which she loves to tug with either staff members or other companion dogs.

A few of Maggies’ friends include; Harry and Charlie the Dachshunds, Piedee the Cavoodle and Rufus the Boston Terrier.

Congratulations Maggie I know you will enjoy the treats in the prize pack!


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