3 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July With Your Dog

12 July 2022

Can’t wait another 6 months for Christmas? Why not celebrate Christmas in July!

Let’s face it, any excuse is a good excuse to spoil your dog and Christmas in July is the perfect reason to shower your pup with love, gifts and treats!

Here are 3 fun ways to get into the celebratory spirit and embrace the Winter season with your furry friend.

1.Get a cute holiday outfit for your pet

Dressing your pooch up in a cute festive outfit will really get you in the spirit.

Because it’s winter, why not get them a Christmas jumper to keep them warm when it’s chilly outside. There are also loads of online stores selling adorable costumes to dress them up as an elf, reindeer, Santa or Mrs Claus.

And of course, no festive outfit is complete without a Santa hat!

This may be more fun for you than your dog but hopefully they will enjoy the attention and let you snap some cute pics to show your friends and family!

2. Cook a hearty feast for your dog

Cooking your dog a hearty meal is a great way to include them in your Christmas in July celebrations.

Many human foods can be surprisingly toxic to dogs which is why it’s important to resist the urge to feed them scraps from your own plate. Whipping up their own dog-friendly feast is a much better option to ensure they don’t digest anything that could be potentially harmful.

Foods to include in your dog-friendly feast could include:

  • Vegetables – ingredients such as potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, beans, broccoli, parsnip and cabbage are all safe for dogs. Make sure you dish them up plain without any oils or seasonings that you use to flavour your own veg.
  • Protein – meats such as turkey, chicken, beef or lamb are generally safe for dogs. Be sure to avoid meats with a high fat or salt content such as ham or pork, and avoid giving dogs small bones that could get lodged in their throats.

Other foods to avoid include chocolate, lollies, nuts, avocado, grapes, garlic and onion which can be toxic and should not be fed to dogs.

3. Get your dog a gift

Although Santa doesn’t visit twice a year, there’s no reason why we can’t spoil our dogs with gifts and treats in July as well as December!

Dog-friendly toys always make for a great gift, as do delicious doggy treats. You could also get them a new bed if their current one is looking a little worn, a new blanket to keep them warm on those cold winter nights, or perhaps a new collar or leash.

Paddington Pups also has some fabulous deals available on daycare, grooming, boarding and bathing for the month of July so be sure to check those out as another gift option – your dog will love you for it!

Getting into the Christmas spirit doesn’t have to wait until December. As well as being a great way to embrace the Winter season, Christmas in July is also the perfect excuse to have a bit of fun with your dog. As with any celebration, just be mindful of your dog’s safety while you’re in party mode to ensure they enjoy the festivities as much as you and your family do.

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