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Dog of the Month, May 2022 – Barry

Barry is the Paddington Pups team's ray of sunshine! There's never a dull day when Barry is around, ...
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Paw and Order – A Victory for Pet Owners in NSW to Keep Pets in Apartments

Ever wondered what the rules are for having pets in an apartment? For many people who are opting ...
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How to Handle Dog Attacks on a Walk: A Guide for You and Your Pooch

Dog attacks can happen anywhere, at any time. They might happen in a secluded park, in front of ...
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Dog of the Month, April 2022 – Huey

We have all developed such an amazing connection to little Huey! Huey was once too anxious to walk ...
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Pups and the Pandemic: How Lockdowns Have Affected Our Dogs

The Covid-19 pandemic has made a huge impact on all of our lives and for many of us, ...
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Can Doggy Daycare Help Your Dog to Become Well Socialised?

Doggy Daycare is a great way to give your pup a day out.  However, is having your pup ...
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Why Chocolate is Bad for Dogs: What You Need To Know

Easter is a fun (and delicious!) holiday for you and your human family but there are some things ...
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Dog of the Month, March 2022 – Newton

We absolutely adore having Newton in daycare at Paddington Pups. He showers us with LOTS and LOTS of ...
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Paddington Pups and the Brisbane Floods

Well, what a month February and March have been for everyone here in Queensland. Many of us experienced ...
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Dog Training at Paddington Pups

“Dogs are never too young or too old to learn.” This is one of the many things we ...
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Paddington Pups Is Making A Positive Impact Globally

Paddington Pups is intent on making a positive impact during 2022, not just in our community, but globally ...
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Keeping Your Dog Safe During Floods and Extreme Weather Events

As a pet owner, it’s important to have a plan in place when faced with an extreme weather ...
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The Dangers of Drinking Contaminated Water – Giadia and Gastrointeritus in Dogs Explained

The recent floods have highlighted the dangers of dogs drinking contaminated water. This can be extremely dangerous for ...
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Dog of the Month, February 2022 – Kip

As soon as we see Kip and his Mum pull up in the driveway, the team all rush ...
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Valentines Day and Pets

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate all things love and romance and often involves giving and receiving ...
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The Top 5 Reasons Why Dogs and Humans Share Such a Special Bond

There are many reasons why humans and dogs share such a special bond. Dogs have been man’s best ...
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Dog of the Month, December 2021 – Grace Rowling

Gracie Rowling is one of those dogs whose heart is made of pure gold. You can often find ...
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Teaching Your Puppy To Swim

Swimming is wonderful exercise for dogs, just like it is for humans, and it can help keep them ...
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Heatstroke – Keeping Your Dog Safe in Summer

Summer is still in full force in South-East Queensland and with extended daylight and lots of sunshine, it ...
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So You’ve Just Got a New Puppy

Happiness is a warm puppy, it says in Peanuts, and so of course, it is and should be. ...
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Dog of the Month, November 2021 – Toby

Mr Toby Hann has been coming to us since 2013, and it has sure been a treat for ...
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Doggy Daycare and Train – Dog Training Done for You

Dog Training done for you is coming to Paddington Pups on Monday January 31st 2022 and we are ...
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Introducing Doggy Playcare™: High Level Interaction Playgroup for Dogs

Doggy Playcare™ is coming to Paddington Pups and we are SO EXCITED to be able to offer this ...
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How to have a dog-friendly Christmas – 5 Tips for keeping your dog safe and healthy over the holidays

Christmas is a favourite time of year for many of us. With the fun of the holidays, also ...
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Getting Your Pooch Ready For The Fireworks This Season

This time of year brings lots of festivities such as Christmas carols and New Year’s Eve celebrations that ...
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Are Bones Safe For Dogs?

We know for sure that dogs love to chew on bones. It makes them happy, relieves boredom and ...
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Dog of the Month, October 2021 – Atticus

This sweet boy has been gracing us with his presence ever since 2018! He is a very handsome ...
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Boarding Your Dog at Paddington Pups – Why Choose Us?

When holiday times approach, emergency situations arise, or if you just want to head out for the night ...
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New Food in Stock – Balanced Life

Here at Paddington Pups there is nothing more important to us than your dog’s health and wellbeing. Food ...
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Riding in Cars with Dogs

Planning a road trip with your family and four-legged friend over the holiday break? To ensure a safe ...
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Dog of the Month, September 2021 – Winston

One of the most charming boys we have ever had the pleasure of looking after, Winston brightens our ...
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Are Dogs Ticklish?

Have you ever wondered if dogs are ticklish? We know that dogs love a good old itch and ...
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Has my dog been bitten by a snake?

With Spring mating season underway, snakes are becoming more active and the warmer weather is starting to draw ...
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Dog of the Month, August 2021 – Tali

A lot of you may recognise the famous Tali, as she can usually be found sitting on the ...
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The Benefits of Owning a Dog: Amazing Ways Dogs Can Improve Your Quality of Life

If you are a pet owner, you probably already know the incredible value of having a loyal companion ...
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RSPCA Cupcake Day @ Paddington Pups

Last month, our customers raised an amazing $360 for RSPCA Cupcake Day which helps fight against animal cruelty. ...
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Dog of the Month, July 2021 – Eris

The elegant and beautiful Eris has been gracing us with her presence since she was a puppy in ...
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Fun Activities To Do With Your Dog During Lockdown

Lately with all the lockdowns and restrictions in place, we’ve been spending a lot more time indoors. A ...
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Depression in Dogs

Did you know that like humans, dogs can occasionally suffer from bouts of depression? If your usually cheerful ...
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Dog of the Month June 2021 – Baird

Baird has been an exceptionally good boy this year. He has been very patient when it comes to ...
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Dog Beds and Play Gyms

Did you know how much thought and care has gone into the specific equipment we have chosen for ...
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Grooming Tips for Winter

Just because winter is here, does not mean you should stop caring for your dog’s coat. It is ...
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Dog of the Month, May 2021 – Alfie

Alfie is a gentle, loving soul whom we all adore.   He loves to bask in the sun ...
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Paddington Pups Team Update

Our General Manager is having a baby! You may have noticed our Manager Daizie is pregnant. That's right, ...
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Keeping your Dog Warm in Winter

Now that Winter is almost upon us and the evenings are getting cooler, most of us are rediscovering ...
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Can Dogs Learn to Talk?

We all talk to our dogs but have you ever wondered if you could teach your dog to ...
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Making Life More Enjoyable for an Ageing Dog

An older dog can lead a happy and fulfilling life but it’s up to you to make the ...
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Dog Behaviour

As your dog's daytime carers, we have a responsibility to ensure we notify you of any issues that ...
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What is Canine Cough?

Canine Cough (also known as Kennel cough) is a contagious infection that affects the trachea (windpipe) and bronchi ...
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Food for thought – grains and dogs

As domesticated animals, there’s a lot that we can learn about dogs based on their ancestral cousin, the ...
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Raw food diets

Raw food diets have always been a standard for working dogs, but lately, the trend has become popular ...
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New year, new addition to your pack?

Sadly, as people start to get back into their daily routines after the holidays, the strain on Animal ...
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Celebrating dog birthdays

Our Fur Children’s birthdays deserve celebrating just as much as our own and at Paddington Pups we are ...
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Understanding fleas

As most pet owners are aware, flea infestations are quite a nuisance. They are capable of causing a ...
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Dog coats and pyjamas

Winter is here and Paddington Pups has got your dog’s back, literally. We have stocked up with dog ...
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Boarding – why choose Paddington Pups?

We have been offering our boarding service for a little over three years now, and this relatively new ...
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Getting the most of your doggy daycare experience

At Paddington Pups we want to ensure that your dog and you have the best experience possible with ...
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Let’s talk anal (glands)

Dogs such amazing, loving and smelly creatures. Smelly doesn’t even begin to describe what anal glands are. They ...
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Happy, healthy dogs – Thundershirts

With Summer storm season still on us, some of our furry family members can get quite stressed out. ...
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Paddington Pups – possible champions once again

For the past three years, Paddington Pups has entered in one of the most prestigious small business competitions ...
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How to correctly use a clicker or marker

Have you ever been flicking through Facebook and have come across a video of a dog riding a ...
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Keeping your dog matt free

Matts, knots, tangles, whatever you want to call them, they are an annoyance. Matts can be painful for ...
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