Playcare™ is Booming! An Update on Our Specialised Interaction Playgroup for Dogs

15 September 2022

Playcare™ has grown and evolved immensely since its’ launch back in January of this year and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see your pups playing, learning and impressing us with what they’re capable of every day!

Not only have we perfected a flexible daily structure that ensures a varied, stimulating and exciting experience for your pups each visit, we also already have so many success stories of growing confidence, skills and patience which we can’t wait to tell you all about!

What is Playcare™?

You can find our in-depth Playcare™ Launch article here, but to give you a refresher, Playcare™ is our very own specialised program that delivers high interaction games, puzzles, exercises, arts and crafts, and other mentally and physically stimulating activities for your dog. Playcare™ is run in small groups to ensure concentrated time spent with each pup as well as a schedule of activities tailored to the dogs in attendance and their unique needs and goals. Click here to watch our video on what a day in Playcare™ looks like!

So, what’s new in Playcare™?


Now that we have been up and running for the better part of a year, we have found the perfect flexible routine structure to ensure your pups are getting all different kinds of stimulation in intervals throughout their day in Playcare™.

This flexible structure includes different activities that fall under all areas of physical, sensory, educational, cognitive and quiet stimulation meaning their experience is varied each time they visit, while still including familiar activities for those that come frequently to build on their skills and confidence. These activities are delivered and tailored to the specific pups that are in each day and their own personal needs, preferences and goals.

Report Cards

Although we all wish we could talk to our dogs about their day the same we would our own kids, all they can really tell you is how excited they are to see you. So, to help you know what your pup got up to in Playcare™, they will be sent home with a report card detailing their favourite activity they participated in, their best friend that day, as well as something they learnt. This is a great tool for those who wish to work on anything specific with their pups and track their progress, or for those that just want to read all about their clever pup and their exciting day!

Our success stories!

Upon her first visit to Playcare™, Poppy was found to have some previously unidentified resource guarding behaviours, meaning she was quite reluctant to share her toys or have others come close while she had them. After only one week in Playcare™ practising dropping things when asked in exchange for a treat and some pats, our team is now able to not only retrieve and play with her toys with her, but also boop her nose and touch her mouth while she’s holding them – this is amazing progress that will help her have a more relaxed and enjoyable time knowing that it is more fun to share and play with friends! Her mum has even said that she is noticeably more excited to come to daycare since making Playcare™ a part of her routine!

Our beautiful Alfie is another ray of light who has truly come out of his shell in Playcare™. Knowing him as a gentle soul with his renowned after-bath zoomies, we were delighted to see Alfie show us a new side of him as soon as he entered Playcare™. He showed us how excited he is to try new things, and how hard he has worked over the last few months to overcome his fear of different objects and textures and is now an absolute master on the obstacle course!

One of our personal favourite successes to come out of Playcare™ has been paw print painting and the positive effect it has had on pups’ comfort while having their nails trimmed! By desensitising them to having their paws touched and played with while making their prints, we have found these pups to be significantly more calm and comfortable while having their nails trimmed. Not only is this a win for your pups’ health, but you also get a super cute memento from their day to take home!

How do I book in for doggy Playcare™?

Similar to our regular daycare service, before signing your pup up for Playcare™, you will need to create an account with us – this is super quick and easy to set up through our website and ensures we have your contact information as well as your pup’s vaccination records.

After you have an account there are no further bookings needed, simply ask for the Playcare™ sign-in sheet when you drop your dog off and leave them to enjoy their day of enrichment fun!

Thank you

We want to use this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all of you who have used our Playcare™ service and for allowing us to work alongside your beautiful pups. And to those of you who we will see in Playcare™ very soon!


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