Barking Up the Right Tree – September’s QnAs!

05 October 2023

Q: Will you teach the dogs any tricks/commands while they are with you?

A: We are not a training facility so we do not offer professional training, however we are of course more than happy to reinforce commands you are working on with your pup at home if relevant!


Q: What exactly is Playcare™?

A: Playcare™ is our specialised service of high interaction games, puzzles, arts and crafts and mentally stimulating activities for your dog, run in small groups for more one-on-one interactions with team members.





Q: Do you play any music for the dogs during the day?

A: We always have some kind of music playing! We also like to use music as a mechanism to influence the dog’s energy levels. For example, if they are super energetic and play is getting a little bit too crazy, putting on softer, slower music can encourage them to calm down a little bit and even lull them into a midday nap!


Q: Do you have air-conditioning for the warmer months? Especially for boarders?

A: Yes! We utilise aircon as well as fans to keep our facility at the perfect comfortable temperature all year round. We also always ensure the aircon units are cleaned super regularly to keep the air crisp and fresh!

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