Can Doggy Daycare Help Your Dog to Become Well Socialised?

09 April 2022

Doggy Daycare is a great way to give your pup a day out. 

However, is having your pup in daycare an instant indication that your dog is a ‘well socialised dog’?

Many of us interpret socialisation in dogs differently. Unfortunately, just putting your dog in daycare or letting them play in the park isn’t always enough. Whichever way you choose to interpret this is usually based on your day-to-day life.

Is taking your dog to daycare all that’s needed?

Is a trip to the dog park enough to call your dog social?

Does your dog understand how to correctly approach another dog, whether this be on a lead, in daycare or at home?

Many different body languages and sounds can come from dogs, but how many do we as humans read as right or wrong? Your dog may display ‘rude’ gestures or approaches that we don’t realise or truly understand.

Doggy Daycare is a great outlet for you pooch, but is it enough?

With research we’ve complied, a few things you and your pooch might find fun to better guide your dog in the socialisation journey include:

  • Focus/training outdoors – taking your dog for training exercises outside of a dog park or at a local park can help desensitise your pup to other dogs being in the general area. This will allow you and your pooch to carry out a walk, or any other activity without the excited outburst, overstimulation and possible intrusion of another dog’s space.
  • Recall activities – recall can be a life saver, recall training can help your pup to actively pass distraction without interfering/chasing the distraction off into the distance.
  • Enrichment activities – enrichment activities can be a great mental stimulation for your dog, not all stimulating activities for your dog need to be physical.
  • ‘Free range’ walks – as much as we want to be in ‘control’ on our walks, dogs can benefit from sniffing and exploring the areas they are in and this can be mentally stimulating for your pup. Not all walks need to be structured and planned, give your pooch a chance to pick your route, allow them to sniff and take in their surroundings.
  • Small group activities – catching up with friends and their pooches can be a great, hands-on social activity for your pup. Introducing your dog to others shouldn’t be a matter of going to a park and sitting on your phone. Interacting and understanding your dog’s play style is vital and can save possible grief in the long run.

No two dogs are the same – they may have a similar playstyle but their outlook and approach to life is still different. Not all dogs will read or understand your dog the same, having stimulation and guidance behind your dog’s day can be beneficial. Take a minute to watch your pup and the behaviours they display and try to understand how your pup thinks or carries out simple activities. No one knows your pup better than you, advocate for your pup and be the best duo you can be.

Doggy Daycare is a great outlet for your pup, but other exercise, exposure and simulation can help your pup thrive in life and truly become a ‘well socialised’ dog.

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