Abandoned Puppy is Rescued by Marathon Runner who Carries Him to the Finish Line

05 August 2022

Anyone who has ever run a marathon or any kind of long-distance endurance event will know how incredibly challenging it is, but imagine doing it carrying a puppy! That’s exactly what runner Khemjira Klongsanun did while running a marathon in her home country of Thailand. While other runners were dodging the puppy, Khemjira noticed that it was all alone and nowhere near any houses or people and stopped to check on the puppy. Fearing for its safety she decided to take the puppy with her and carried it the remaining 19 miles to the finish line!

When no one came forward to claim ownership of the puppy, Khemjira adopted the puppy herself and gave him a loving home.

Despite not winning the race, Khemjira is an absolute champion with a heart of gold. 💛

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