Boarding Your Dog at Paddington Pups – Why Choose Us?

17 November 2021

When holiday times approach, emergency situations arise, or if you just want to head out for the night without worrying about your beloved pup, overnight boarding for dogs is an option that is frequented by many pet owners. Paddington Pups have been offering our boarding service for over 6 years now, and this service has proven very popular and helpful to a lot of fur-child owners over this time.

If you’re planning to take some time away over the holiday season but can’t take your dog with you, now is the time to consider who will care for your dog while you’re away. Below we’ve compiled some information about the boarding services we offer and some frequently asked questions to help you decide whether boarding with us is the right option for you and your dog.

Why would you need to use this service?

  • If you are going on a holiday and have no one that can care for your dog over long periods
  • When house renovations deem your yard escapable
  • A temporary safe house while a solution is found if your dog digs out of your yard
  • Family emergencies
  • If you are concerned leaving your dog alone when you’ve planned a night out or a short break

Why choose us?

  • We are available 365 days a year (advance bookings are essential)
  • All dogs that stay are daycare attendees so are well known by boarding staff
  • Dogs that sleep over are allocated a sleeping buddy for the night (unless unnecessary)
  • The facility is air-conditioned, so it’s nice and cool in summer and cosy in winter
  • Entire facility is indoors making escaping impossible
  • Service includes daily walks, daycare, food, bedding, and a bath as required and upon departure
  • A team member is always available in case of emergencies
  • We are in a convenient location
  • We cater for short stays – one or two night bookings are no problem, even at peak times
  • If your dog needs medication, we administer it at no extra charge

If you want to bring your own food for your dog to eat, we will feed it to them at no extra charge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What personal belongings should I bring along with my dog?

A lead, collar (with an engraved name tag attached), any medications, and food for special dietary requirements are the only essential items we require. Comfortable bedding, food/water bowls, and food are all supplied as part of the nightly fee.

2. How many hours per day will my dog be alone?

Unless your dog is more comfortable alone during the night, he/she will likely have either dog or human company ‘round-the-clock.

3. Will my dog have a chance to socialise with people/other dogs?

Yes! Throughout your dog’s stay they will attend regular daycare throughout business hours. They are then organised into a small sleep group (of typically 1-2 other dogs) of dogs with well-suited temperaments and appropriate size.

4. Is there always a staff member on-site?

During the day all dogs are supervised as per regular daycare. There is minimal ‘direct’ supervision during the night; our team members watch over the boarding dogs via internal security monitors as to not disturb the dogs unless necessary.

5. How often will my dog be taken outdoors?

Every day! No extra cost.

6. What are the meal options?

We supply a premium dry food brand, Meals For Mutts, or a premium raw food brand, Balanced Life Dog Rolls. However, you are more than welcome to supply your own food if needed. Optional treats are also on the menu at an additional cost.

7. Can medications be administered?

Yes, just bring them along with specific administration instructions

8. What is the emergency protocol if an injury/illness occurs?

You will be contacted immediately and advised of the situation. Any emergency situations will result in immediate escort to a nearby veterinary facility, any non-critical situations will be dealt with instore by our trained staff members. In any situation you will be notified as soon as possible.

Hopefully these questions will provide you with a foundation on which you are able to make the best decision for your own piece of mind, and more importantly, the comfort and happiness of your pup staying away from home.

If you feel this service is something that you would be interested in utilising during the holiday season, please ask one of our friendly daycare team members for more information regarding fees, bookings, suitability for your dog, and any other questions you may have.

Hopefully, we will have the pleasure of having your dog come stay with us sometime soon!


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