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16 November 2021

Here at Paddington Pups there is nothing more important to us than your dog’s health and wellbeing. Food and nutrition play a very important role in that and we are extremely selective in the food we choose to sell and feed your dog whilst in our care.

We are proud to introduce the newest additions to our pet food range from Balanced Life. As an Australian family owned brand, Balanced Life dog food and treats are made here in Australia using fresh ingredients and meats sourced from Aussie farmers. So, as well as feeding your dog quality food you’ll also be supporting Aussie jobs and farms.

Read on to learn about the food we have available.

Limited Ingredient Diet (LID) Dog Rolls

These rolls are high in protein and low in carbs with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Made from quality muscle meats, they are the perfect balance of protein, carbs and fats, perfect for dogs of all ages to give them the nutrition they need. Using limited, functional ingredients, they are great for dogs with sensitive skin and stomachs or those with allergies, or on an elimination diet.

They come in a variety of flavours to satisfy every dog’s taste, including Poultry Blend, Pastures Blend, Wild Aussie Blend and Ocean Blend.

Read more about the LID Dog Rolls here.

Enhanced Premium Kibble

Also available in-store is Balanced Life’s new super premium kibble called Enhanced – a dry food that’s a combination of grain-free meaty kibble and air-dried raw meat pieces.

It’s made with over 55% animal based ingredients and is 100% natural with added vitamins and minerals. It’s gently air-dried which preserves the natural nutritional value of raw meat.

dog food, dog kibble, dry dog foodDogs need a high protein diet for optimal health and wellbeing. Other heavy cooking methods used in most dog foods deconstruct the protein material damaging the sensitive nutrients such as oils and vitamins, but Balanced Life’s world leading technology ensures optimum protein in every bag of product.

With loads of flavour, and boosted with superfoods including kelp, coconut, cranberries and chia, your dog will love it and you can feel great about feeding your dog an ethical and sustainable product.

Ask us in store for more information or read more on the Balanced Life website.

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