Barking up the Right Tree – July’s QnAs!

08 August 2023

Q: My dog can only eat certain foods because of his allergies, would he still be able to board with you guys?

A: Yes! We are more than happy to feed your pup their own food during their stay. When you drop them off for their sleepover we will give you a form to fill out for their belongings/food in their own individual locker. We also take precautionary measures such as giving them a fancy colour-coded collar which tells the team they aren’t to have any other food other than their own!

Q: Can my dog come to daycare if they aren’t desexed yet?

A: We strongly encourage desexing before 6 months of age, as some undesexed dogs may display some unfavourable behaviours such as marking, mounting or aggression. This is why we maintain and open channel of communication with owners of undesexed pups so we can ensure a harmonious environment for all the dogs in our care. We have a strict policy that all dogs must be desexed by 12 months of age to attend Paddington Pups.


Q: How often do you clean your daycare areas?

A: We clean everything from the beds and water bowls to the floors and fences with hospital-grade disinfectants every day. We also perform a full ‘deep clean’ with pressure cleaners weekly.


Q: How do you guys handle dogs with issues like anxiety or aggression?

A: When it comes to anxiety, we have a few things we trial until we find a method that calms the pup down. These include:

  • Ensuring they are in a playgroup with pups of similar energy levels and temperaments
  • Lots of cuddles and one-on-one human time
  • Calming music and plenty of blanketed beds

We CANNOT allow a dog to come to daycare if they are aggressive. The safety and happiness of all the dogs in our care is our number 1 priority.


Q: Do some dogs have special bonds with individual staff?

A: They 100% do!! It’s so sweet to see the way different pups light up when they see their fav team member.


Q: Have you ever had and aggressive dog, and how did you deal with it?

A: Because we have such a comprehensive screening process, it is extremely rare to come across and aggressive dog at our facility. Our number 1 priority is safety and we uphold this through ensuring we temperament test all the dogs that will potentially be in our care. If they show signs of aggression we simply turn them away. We want daycare to be a fun, safe environment where neither the dog nor the parents have any cause to worry!



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