Barking Up The Right Tree – August’s Questions Answered!

29 August 2023

Q: How do you introduce new dogs to the other pups?

A: Slowly and without pressure! Generally when a new pup comes in, we let them wander about the reception area behind the counter with our typically calmer pups to give them a chance to get used to the new sounds, smells and other dogs. If they are super confident here, we’ll take them to the main play areas where they’ll be introduced under the supervision of multiple team members, making sure they are comfortable and aren’t too overwhelmed by all the excited noses of their new friends! We have multiple play areas, so it’s just a matter of trying them in different ones until we find their best fit.

Q: Should I call ahead to book in day care or should I do it online?

A: There is no need to book in advance for day care with us. The only services that require a booking are grooming and boarding, for day care you can simply walk in! All we ask if you are a new client is to have set up and account with us online which you can find on our website’s ‘daycare’ page (you’ll only need to do this once).


Q: Is there any way to buy a few days of day care in advance?

A: There is! We offer ‘packages’ for each of our services including day care, boarding, baths and more! Day care packages are available for purchase of 5, 10 and 20. We strongly recommend waiting until the successful completion of your pups first day with us before purchasing these packs, just to be sure day care is the right fit and that they will enjoy coming back for more visits.


Q: Do you allow people to come and look at your facility before committing to signing up?

A: Although we cannot allow owners beyond the reception gate, you are of course more than welcome to come in and have a look around! From reception you will be able to see our reception pups, the live cameras showing the main play areas, and of course meet our friendly team and ask them any questions you may have. For nervous pups, bringing them in for this initial look around can also help them get introduced to the smell and atmosphere of the day care before their first day.


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