Boarding – why choose Paddington Pups?

31 May 2018

We have been offering our boarding service for a little over three years now, and this relatively new addition to our services has proven very popular and helpful to a lot of fur-child owners over this time.

So why would you need to use this service? And why would you choose us to look after your loved Pooch? Let’s make a brief list of answers to these questions.

Why would you need to use this service?

  • If you are going on a holiday and have no one that can care for your dog over long periods
  • When house renovations deem your yard escapable
  • Family emergencies etc.
  • A temporary safe house while a solution is found if your dog digs out of your yard
  • If you are concerned leaving your dog alone when you’ve planned a night out

Why would you choose us?

  • We are available 365 days a year (bookings are required though)
  • All dogs that stay are day care attendees so are well known by boarding staff
  • Dogs that sleep over are allocated a sleeping buddy for the night (unless unnecessary)
  • The facility is air-conditioned, so it’s nice and cool in summer and cozy in winter
  • Entire facility is indoors making escaping impossible
  • Service includes daily walks, day care, food, bedding, and a bath as required and upon departure
  • A boarding manager is on premises overnight in case of emergencies.
  • We are in a convenient location
  • We cater for short stays, one or two night bookings are not problem, even at peak times
  • If your dog needs medication, we administer it at no extra charge
  • If you want to bring your own food for your dog to eat, we will feed it to them at no extra charge.

There are a thousand other reasons and not enough room on this page to list them all! So if you feel like this service is something that you would be interested in, please ask one of our friendly day care staff for more information regarding fees, bookings, suitability for your dog, and so on.

Hopefully, we will have the pleasure of having your doggy come stay with us sometime soon!

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