Getting the most of your doggy daycare experience

28 May 2018

At Paddington Pups we want to ensure that your dog and you have the best experience possible with us. We often get asked questions by customers, who may be experiencing some concerns, or are feeling unsure about anything we are always happy to discuss your dog’s care with you.

We thought we would answer some of the most commonly asked questions in this article, as you may just be wondering about them too.

“My dog has an injury; I wonder if they can look after him/her today?”

Depending on the severity of the injury or illness, We sure can! We are able to pop your pooch in a section with a smaller number of quieter dogs to ensure they still get some gentle doggy socialisation. This also goes for dogs that’ve been de-sexed and need to wear the trusty “cone of shame”! Please just give us a call to make sure we can cater for your dog’s special needs.

“Can the Paddington Pups team administer medication?”

We are more than happy to do this for you too! We only ask that you write in the “notes” section of the sign in sheets that your dog has medication and what time we need to give it to them.

If they are a bit picky and need something to disguise the medication, feel free to bring that in with you too or we can use some of our delicious treats!

“My dog eats three meals a day; I wonder if they will be able to feed her?”

We are more than happy to feed your dog food or treats you bring in with them and at whatever time you would like them to be fed. If you bring in their own food, just pop it in the notes section on the sign in sheet for us! (ask one of the friendly staff to show you where)

If you have forgotten their food, we do have an option on our sign in sheet for “lunch” and “treats” for a small fee. Just be sure to tick the appropriate box!

“My dog smells not so nice when they come home?”

After a full day of play – which for most dogs includes a good roll around and some splashes in the water bowl, they can come home smelling a bit ‘on the nose’. To help with this, we are more than happy to rinse your pup off free of charge. Just pop a comment in the notes section of the sign in sheet (ask the friendly staff to show you where!). We can even pop some doggy perfume on them too is a rinse isn’t enough.

Don’t forget if you have any questions or concern which we haven’t addressed, please ask us in store, or send us an email via

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