Let’s talk anal (glands)

21 May 2018

Dogs such amazing, loving and smelly creatures. Smelly doesn’t even begin to describe what anal glands are. They are little sacks just inside the anus that produce a liquid that is expelled when the dog does its business. Dogs are supposed to be able to expel the anal glands, but sometimes humans have to help.

I’m sure you’ve all seen a dog scoot across the floor, that is a major sign that your dog needs its anal glands looked at. At Paddington Pups we can express them externally, while your local vet will do them internally. The difference being the vet will just get more out of the anal glands.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are no symptoms and your dog will get let the anal glands go, and the contents of them will drain out, maybe on your sofa or in your car. So next time you get your dog washed just ask us to check the anal glands. If anal glands become too full, they can burst which could be very smelly and incredibly painful for your dog.

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