The Mystery of Zoomies: Unravelling the Whirlwind of Canine Energy

07 November 2023

Have you ever witnessed your tranquil, lounging dog suddenly burst into a frenzy of energy, tearing around the house or garden as though they’re on a racetrack? This peculiar, almost comical, behaviour is often referred to as ‘zoomies’ and, in the animal behaviourist world, is known as ‘Frenetic Random Activity Periods’ (FRAPs). Here’s a closer look at what’s happening when your pet gets the zoomies and why it’s a normal, healthy part of their behaviour.

What Are ‘Zoomies’ and Why Do They Happen?
Zoomies are sudden, spontaneous outbursts of energy that seem to come from nowhere. Your dog may run in tight circles, take sharp turns, or sprint back and forth, appearing almost uncontrollable. While the sight can be bewildering and amusing, these bursts are typically expressions of joy, stress relief, or a surplus of pent-up energy.

Several factors can trigger zoomies:
Regular play behaviour: Dogs often initiate play with sudden, high-energy movements.
Excitement or stress: High emotions can release a burst of energy.
Physical needs: Dogs with excess energy due to lack of exercise or who’ve been cooped up for too long may use zoomies as a quick energy release.
After bath time: Many dog owners observe zoomies after bathing their dogs, likely because of the discomfort of being wet or the excitement of bath time being over.

Are Zoomies ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’?
In most cases, zoomies are a healthy expression of a dog’s emotion or physical needs. It’s a natural behaviour seen in canines of all ages, although it tends to be more common in puppies and young dogs. The quick sprints and sharp turns can also help them to develop motor skills and physical coordination.

However, it’s essential to ensure your dog is in a safe environment when they get the zoomies, as the reckless running can lead to accidental injuries. Make sure they’re in a spacious area away from sharp corners, stairs, or delicate items that could be knocked over.

Managing and Enjoying the Zoomies
While zoomies are typically harmless, they can be inconvenient if they occur indoors or at inappropriate times. To manage this, consider the following tips:

Regular exercise: Routine walks and playtime can help burn off excess energy.
Safe space: If your dog tends to get the zoomies, ensure they have a safe area where they won’t get hurt or cause damage.
Positive engagement: If your pet’s zoomies are due to excitement or stress, engaging them with a calming activity afterwards can help settle their emotions.

Remember, the zoomies are a natural, healthy behaviour for dogs, reflecting their happiness or need for a quick energy release. Observing your dog’s zoomies can provide insights into their emotional state and physical needs. So, next time your furry friend starts racing around, know that it’s their body’s way of saying, “I need to let off some steam!” And it’s perfectly normal — a part of the joy of being a dog!

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