Paddington Pups and the Brisbane Floods

16 March 2022

Well, what a month February and March have been for everyone here in Queensland. Many of us experienced the full force of Mother Nature during the QLD and NSW floods, and our thoughts are with anyone who was affected.

Here at Paddington Pups, we were extremely lucky that we managed to avoid any major flooding. However, as large parts of Milton were underwater, our building was surrounded by water on 3 sides and completely cut off except for one small walking access. We were without power for 8 days and had to close the business for all services for 9 days but we were so happy to be able to reopen on the 8th March and see all the beautiful pups again!

Our Top Dog Bree was on-site throughout, making sure all boarding dogs were either evacuated to their homes or keeping them safe and dry upstairs just in case water came inside the shop, which it did but thankfully only a minor amount compared to our neighbours and the damage in 2011 at our old location. She also spent several days doing LOTS of cleaning and making sure everything was back to its original condition, ready to welcome back your precious pups.

It has been a bit of an ordeal but we are incredibly grateful for our wonderful customers who have been super supportive, and for our amazing team who have all pulled together to support each other in the aftermath and assist in the clean-up operations. We are thankful to have not suffered much damage and that we mostly stayed dry when others around us did not.

Due to our past experience in the floods (Bree powered through the 2011 floods, learnt and set out a Flood Plan that keeps your pups’ safety a priority) we have a solid flood plan in place which made everything much less stressful this time around. You can read about our history with the 2011 floods here.

Speaking of safety, we would just like to remind you that our protocol of signing dogs in on drop off not only helps us but also follows our Workplace Health & Safety policy. Having your pups on paper allows us to have a physical record of which dogs are in for the day should we ever need to emergency evacuate the shop. So please ensure you are signing your dogs in whenever you drop them off for daycare 😊

We greatly appreciate our PadPups Pack and all of your support and understanding throughout this situation. ❤️🐶

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