Paddington Pups History

30 June 2019

Our doggie daycare business was established as the Purebred Pet Pantry & Supplies store on Given Terrace way back in 2004, by Amanda Logan.

Later in November 2007, Purebred Pet Pantry & Supplies moved to a larger premises at 8 Heussler Terrace, Milton and that’s how our doggie care revolution got started.

In May 2008, Purebred Pet Pantry & Supplies was purchased by Carly Fitzgerald and renamed Paddington Pups. In 2009 Carly’s plans changed and it looked like she would be living overseas so she sold Paddington Pups to the current owner Bree Robbins.

In January 2011, we were one of the many businesses in Milton hit by major flooding in the greater Brisbane area. At that time Paddington Pups was forced to emergency evacuate 42 daycare dogs and 6 grooming dogs off site and safely home before looking at what items of the shop needed to be saved from the pending flood waters.

Yes, our dogs are always our priority!

At the height of the flood Paddington Pups went nearly 3 meters under water. The entire business needed to be re-built for a third time in a short period. The damage was extensive, we had to replace internal walls, re-do all the floors, replace equipment and completely re-establish the business. But no dogs in our care were harmed!

We were amazed and honored by the support clients, locals and complete strangers gave us at this time. As a result, Paddington Pups got bigger, better and stronger.

November 2011, while holding a charity event we had a celebrity appearance by Cesar Millan ’The Dog Whisperer’ on site at Paddington Pups. What an honor and a great day!

January 2013, we were told to expect flooding yet again! So again we packed up as much of the business as we could, moved everything upstairs and hoped for the best. Fortunately, this time it was all just a precautionary measure, it did however mean stripping and rebuilding the whole shop again.

September 2012, Bree, our owner, and the management team at the time, Suzy and Mia, traveled to the U.S. for on-site training with Cesar Millan at his Dog Rehabilitation Ranch in California. Not only did we train with Cesar Millan, we met and befriended a huge amount of amazing dog trainers and created lasting friendships. And also learned some little-understood dog psychology strategies! Priceless.

During the trip we also had the opportunity to visit some of the leading dog daycare and boarding facilities in Los Angles, where we got plenty of ideas for the Paddington Pups you see today.

Early in 2013, our company took safety to a whole new level, with 60% of the entire team fully trained in pet first aid. We continue working to maintain Paddington Pups as the best doggy daycare center in Queensland.

2013 has proved to be a big and challenging year to us, and due to Brisbane City Council regulations Paddington Pups was required to re-zone. At that time relocating the business again was suggested. The business had the room to expand and the ability to improve to an even higher level.

After massive amounts of consultation with the council and national and international boarding kennels and dog trainers we created what we believe is the ultimate design and layout for the modern dog.

We will continue to make adjustment and improvement to live to our reputation as Queensland’s #1 dog daycare and dog grooming centre!

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