Celebrating dog birthdays

24 June 2018

Our Fur Children’s birthdays deserve celebrating just as much as our own and at Paddington Pups we are here to help with the best dog birthday parties around. If your beloved dog is joining us on their special day we would love to help celebrate, in fact we will even throw in a gift too!

If you have registered your dog’s birth date and your email address with us, we will email you a gift for your birthday dog – a complimentary hydro-bath with the shampoo of your choosing. We know this will help you celebrate your dog’s birthday with a lovely smelling birthday boy or girl to share hugs with. All you have to do to redeem your dog’s free birthday hydro-bath is bring in a copy (or show us) their birthday email instore. We can do the bath whilst they join us for daycare or as a walk-in service between 9 am and 3 pm Monday to Saturday.

If you’re looking to kick the celebrations up a notch we will happily have a doggy birthday party with your dog’s best puppy friends at Paddington Pups. We have decorations ready to go and can help to organise a dog-friendly birthday cake for your dog’s special day too.

We need about one month’s notice to organise a cake for your dog, or you can bring one in on the day yourself. We recommend cakes from  www.dogcakes.com.au. Their delicious peanut butter and pumpkin cake is a big favourite of the Pack here at Paddington Pups. Their other flavours and pup-cakes are highly sought after too.  Heidi and her wonderful team at Dog Cakes will even deliver the cakes to Paddington Pups given enough notice.

When dogs join us for their birthday party all we need is a few days’ notice and we will supply the decorations, set your pup up along with their friends to let them have the first licks of ‘icing’ from the cake and get some adorable photos too. We are always happy to host parties for dogs joining us for daycare, all you have to do is ask!

After all the partying has been had, we usually cut up the rest of the cake to hand out to doggies as an extra special treat at home time or keep whatever cake is left over for you to take home.

We love celebrating birthdays at Paddington Pups, let us know when your dog’s special day is coming up so we can party with them too.

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