Paddington Pups Is Making A Positive Impact Globally

16 March 2022

Paddington Pups is intent on making a positive impact during 2022, not just in our community, but globally as well.

To start the year off on a positive note, we teamed up with B1G1 to give back to the planet in a way that feels natural for us, helping to restore the health of sick and emaciated street dogs in Nepal.

We have always aimed to support select charities in need, with our team selecting a charity sponsor to donate to annually. When we discovered we could create impact through B1G1 through our standard daily business practice we knew we had to jump on board.

In February we ran a Valentine’s Day photo promo and for every dog that signed up for a photo we provided a meal for five street dogs in Nepal. Through this promotion we are thrilled to have been able to provide 135 nutritious meals to street dogs in need with B1G1. Thank you to our amazing customers for helping us make our world a better place.

Another way you can support us to make a positive impact for these pups is to provide a review for Paddington Pups on Facebook and Google. For every positive review we receive, Paddington Pups will donate one nutritious meal to a hungry street dog in need on your behalf. That means for every Facebook and Google review you leave, you will be helping to provide a nourishing diet of rice, chicken and vitamins supplemented with milk which constitutes for a significant part of treatment provided to injured and malnourished dogs.

Going forward, we aim to continually help animals across the world and our ultimate goal is to help feed and rehabilitate 5,000 dogs in need.

Read more about B1G1 and the impacts we are creating here – Our (Paws-itive) Impact – Paddington Pups

We are excited to collectively help make a change through B1G1 and we thank you for your contributions as part of our drive to feed sick and emaciated street dogs in Nepal.

Together let’s continue to pay it forward to help rehabilitate these dogs in need.

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