Discover the Top Dog-Friendly Beaches in Brisbane

10 January 2024


With its stunning coastline and sunny weather, Brisbane is a haven for dog lovers who enjoy spending quality beach time with their pups. Whether it’s a game of fetch in the sand or a splash in the waves, these dog-friendly beaches are perfect for a fun day out. Below we’ve collated a list of the top rated dog beaches in Brisbane, along with what each of them have to offer so you can get an idea of where you and your pup may like to visit this summer!


  1. Nudgee Beach

Nudgee Beach is a paradise for dogs and owners alike. This beach offers a spacious off-leash area, where dogs can run freely through the sand and surf. The shallow waters here are ideal for dogs who love to wade and splash around. After a playful session, you can take a peaceful walk along the boardwalk that winds through the mangroves.


  1. Sandgate Foreshores

With stunning views and gentle waters, Sandgate Foreshores is another great spot for a doggy day out. The beach has designated off-leash areas, allowing your pooch to run and play without any restraints. It’s also a great place for pet owners to meet and socialize.


  1. Red Beach, Bribie Island

A short drive from Brisbane, Red Beach on Bribie Island is a hidden gem. This secluded spot is perfect for dogs who enjoy long walks and a good swim. The beach offers an extensive off-leash area, making it a stress-free zone for dogs to explore.


  1. Deception Bay Dog Beach

Deception Bay Dog Beach is known for its calm and shallow waters, making it safe for dogs of all sizes and swimming abilities. The beach has a large off-leash area where dogs can roam freely. It’s a popular spot, especially during the weekends, so it’s perfect for social dogs.


  1. Colmslie Beach Reserve

Nestled along the Brisbane River, Colmslie Beach Reserve is a great escape from the city hustle. This location offers a sandy beach and a grassy area, both of which are off-leash zones. The reserve also has excellent facilities, including picnic areas and walking paths.


  1. Raby Bay Foreshore Park

Raby Bay Foreshore Park boasts beautiful sandy beaches and clear waters. The off-leash beach area is a wonderful spot for dogs to play and swim. The park itself has great amenities, making it ideal for a full day outing with family and pets.


  1. Wynnum Foreshore

The Wynnum Foreshore is known for its scenic views and long stretches of boardwalk. While the main beach is not off-leash, there are designated areas nearby where dogs can play in the sand and sea. The adjoining parks also make for a lovely picnic spot.


When visiting a beach, always make sure to:

  • Keep fresh water handy to help your pup stay hydrated
  • Provide a shady spot for them to rest
  • Keep an eye on them (especially when in the water)
  • Respect the beach’s off-leash rules and hours
  • Bring bags to clean up after your pet to keep the beaches clean and enjoyable for everyone


Brisbane’s beaches offer a delightful retreat for both dogs and their owners. From Nudgee Beach’s tranquil shores to the bustling sands of Raby Bay, there’s a beach to suit every dog’s personality. So grab a leash, a ball, and your pup, and head out to these wonderful dog-friendly beaches for unforgettable fun under the Brisbane

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