Paddington Pups’ 2023 Global Impacts Through B1G1!

11 January 2024


As we reflect on the year gone by, we at Paddington Pups are filled with gratitude. Not only have we had the joy of caring for your furry family members, but together, we’ve managed to extend our reach far beyond the walls of our business, creating waves of positive change across the globe through our partnership with B1G1.


A Snapshot of Our Global Impact


  • 6093 days of medical support were provided, offering vital health services to those in need.
  • 2912 days of animal research and conservation contributions helped protect and understand the precious creatures with whom we share our planet.
  • An impressive 1995 square meters of rainforest now remain protected, ensuring the lungs of our Earth can continue to thrive.
  • 630 days of access to income-generating tools were given, empowering people to build and sustain their livelihoods.
  • 582 educational programs were delivered, lighting the spark of learning in diverse communities.
  • We helped serve 509 meals, providing nourishment and hope to those facing hunger.
  • 118 days of access to life-enhancing tools were provided, helping improve the quality of life for many.
  • With 65 trees planted, we’ve contributed to the reforestation efforts, ensuring cleaner air and restored habitats.
  • Our donation of 50 dollars supported disaster relief efforts, offering a lifeline during critical times.
  • We facilitated 21 days of education, laying down the foundations for brighter futures.
  • 15 days of income support were given, providing a safety net for those in hard times.
  • And 1 day worth of life enhancement support was offered, bringing a ray of light into someone’s life.


At Paddington Pups, we believe in the power of ‘when this, then that’. Every action we take can trigger a positive response. For instance, every time we received a review, a meal was provided for a street dog in Nepal. This simple yet powerful mechanism ensures that our daily business activities translate into meaningful global contributions.


Each of these impacts has been made possible through the generous spirit of our community here at Paddington Pups. Whether it’s through participating in our towel drive—saving a square meter of the Daintree rainforest for every bag of pre-loved towels—or through our Christmas Giving Paws, every contribution has played a part in this tapestry of giving.


As we gear up for another year, we are reminded that it is not just the grand gestures but also the small, everyday actions that accumulate into significant change. We are immensely thankful for the opportunity to facilitate these impacts from our corner of Australia and are deeply appreciative of every contribution from our clients that have helped make this possible.


Let us step into the new year with the same spirit of generosity, compassion, and hope. Together, we can continue to make a difference—one paw, one person, one day at a time.

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