Trick of the Month – Our Latest Playcare™ Edition!!

12 January 2024


Exciting News: Introducing Our New “Trick of the Month” Program!

We’re super excited to introduce a brand-new addition to our PlaycareTM program: “Trick of the Month”! This exciting training program will kick off in February, promising endless fun and learning for your furry companions.

What is Trick of the Month?
Trick of the Month is a trick training initiative for our beloved pups attending Playcare™. Each month, we’ll reveal a new trick in store and via social media that will be taught to your fur babies. No special requests are needed; this program will run continuously as part of our Playcare™ experience.

We’ve mapped out the entire year, ensuring a diverse range of tricks that will keep your pups engaged and entertained. In February, we’ll launch Trick of the Month with “Middle.” This engaging trick will involve several stages, with each step building upon the last.

We understand how important it is to stay informed about your furry friend’s development. That’s why we’ll provide a little progress report on your pup’s performance, included in their Playcare™ report cards.

We can’t wait for this journey of learning and discovery to begin. Trick of the Month is bound to add an extra layer of excitement to their Playcare™ experience!

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly team!
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