Black Dog Adoption Day: Breaking the Superstition

28 September 2023


Superstitions have always been a part of human history, deeply influencing cultures and behaviours worldwide. From breaking mirrors to walking under ladders, these beliefs pervade various aspects of our lives. Among these age-old superstitions, the myths surrounding black cats and dogs stand out, casting an undeserved shadow on these beautiful, lovable animals.


The Origins of Black Animal Superstitions

Black cats have long been associated with witches, bad luck, and folklore in many cultures. The negative connotations attached to these animals can be traced back centuries. Black dogs, while not as commonly associated with myths as their feline counterparts, also carry superstitions in some parts of the world. Often seen as omens of death or misfortune, they’ve been mentioned in various legends and mythologies.


The Reality of ‘Black Cat/Dog Syndrome’

“Black Dog Syndrome” is a term used within the pet rescue and adoption community to describe the lower adoption rates and longer shelter stays experienced by black cats and dogs compared to their lighter-coloured counterparts. A study

 published in The Standard reveals that black dogs are, on average, overlooked by potential adopters, remaining in shelters for about 13% longer than lighter-coloured dogs.


Factors behind this phenomenon aren’t solely tied to superstition. There are also suggestions that darker animals may be harder to photograph, making their images less captivating on adoption websites. Furthermore, their facial expressions can

be harder to read, making potential adopters unsure about the animal’s temperament.


Black Dog Adoption Day

The plight of these beautiful black animals led to the inception of Black Dog Adoption Day on October 1st. This day is dedicated to highlighting the beauty, loyalty, and love that black dogs bring to our lives. It’s a day to dispel myths and encourage people to adopt based on the animal’s personality, rather than coat colour.


Why Adopt a Black Dog?

Beyond the noble cause of giving a marginalized animal a forever home, black dogs have the very same affection, loyalty, and vibrancy as dogs of any other colour. Their coats shine brilliantly in the sun, and they can have a myriad of personalities, from playful to calm, just like any other pet.


Moreover, adopting any animal from a shelter contributes to the larger cause of animal welfare. It provides a loving home for the animal while freeing up resources and space for the shelter to care for more animals in need.


Superstitions are often a part of cultural heritage, but when they negatively impact innocent lives, it’s time to reassess and evolve. This Black Dog Adoption Day, let’s celebrate the enigmatic beauty of black dogs, recognizing them for their unique personalities rather than outdated myths. Remember, the colour of an animal’s coat has no bearing on the love and joy they can bring into our lives. Adopting a pet should always be about the connection you feel with the animal, not the colour of its fur.

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