B1G1 Giving Paws

04 December 2022

This year we will be raising funds through our ‘Giving Paws’ to help feed hungry street dogs overseas for Christmas. These paws will be available to purchase for $2 (or however much you wish to give) and will be stuck on our giving wall along with your/your family/your pup’s name as a visual representation of all the gifts that we will then make through our friends at B1G1 to feed some pups in need for Christmas.

What is B1G1?

B1G1 is a company that enables us as a business to donate directly to high-impact projects around the world. Working in the field that we do, it is not only our duty but also our personal desire to help dogs around the world remain healthy, safe and cared for. B1G1 allows us to help make real change from right here in Australia.

Want to know how else you can help?

Paddington Pups is committed to donating through B1G1 for every review we receive on Google Reviews; meaning that if you leave us a review, you are not only helping us as a small business by providing us with feedback and exposure to other people looking for a place to bring their pup, but you are also helping dogs in need all around the world. We also encourage looking at events and fundraisers in your local areas and helping out as much as you can!

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