Victoria Leads the Pack: Australia’s First Pet Census to Shape the Future of Animal Welfare

18 July 2023

Victoria is taking a ground-breaking step in the field of animal welfare by initiating Australia’s inaugural Pet Census. Gayle Tierney, the Agriculture Minister of Victoria, made the official announcement at the Australian Animal Protection Society located in Keysborough. She extended an enthusiastic invitation to all pet owners to partake in this historic endeavour.


The primary objective of the Victoria Pet Census is to gather crucial data which will be instrumental in forming the basis for progressive reforms in pet and animal welfare. With a surge in pet ownership in Australia, which has witnessed an increase from 61% to 69% since the pandemic outbreak, the necessity for comprehensive information regarding pets and their owners has never been more important.


Megan Seccull, who serves as the CEO of the Australian Animal Protection Society, emphasised the significance of the census data in enhancing the services rendered by her organization. She expressed her anticipation for the Pet Census to bridge the current void in the understanding of pet ownership and the attitudes accompanying it. The society, known for its care for a wide array of animal species including

cats and dogs, envisions utilizing the data to offer superior support to a more diverse group of pet owners in their vicinity.


The Victoria Pet Census represents an unparalleled opportunity for pet owners throughout the state to contribute their invaluable insights, perspectives, and personal

experiences. The insights gleaned will play an essential role in ensuring that pet owners have the requisite access to an array of support and services necessary for the well-being of their beloved pets.

The census is designed to be easily accessible and is estimated to take only 15 minutes to fill out. To participate in shaping the future of animal welfare in Victoria, and potentially, all of Australia, please visit

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