I Wish I Had Known… How to Address Pain in Our Furry Friends

15 July 2023

As pet owners, one of our most crucial responsibilities is understanding the potential types of pain our pets might encounter and why they might be suffering. The path to relief starts with understanding the various forms of pain, from arthritis to dental issues.


Arthritis is a common condition amongst dogs, leading to joint inflammation and pain. As dogs age, the normal wear and tear on their joints can result in chronic arthritic pain. This can restrict their movements, and activities like jumping or playing might become burdensome. Timely detection of arthritis is critical, a vet visit if you notice your pup showing signs of discomfort when getting up or laying down is the first step. Your vet may prescribe pain-relieving medications and recommend weight management through a balanced diet and regular exercise to prevent further joint degradation.

One often overlooked but significant issue is dental pain. Dental issues can cause dogs severe discomfort while eating or even opening their mouths. The sources could range from plaque build-up to broken teeth or infections. To address and prevent dental pain, regular dental check-ups with your vet are essential. You can also practise some dental hygiene at home like teeth brushing, dental chews, and a balanced diet to aid in preventing dental diseases.


Gastrointestinal pain, arising from conditions like inflammatory bowel disease and pancreatitis, can also cause substantial discomfort in dogs. Symptoms often include a decreased appetite or behavioural changes. Regular vet check-ups can detect these issues early, and treatment often includes dietary modifications and prescribed medications.


Chronic pain is often the result of a blend of factors, including genetics, nutrition, and the environment. Thankfully, there are strategies we can adopt as pet owners to lessen the severity of our pups existing or potential pain. These strategies include:

  • Early detection through monitoring – you know your dog the best, if you notice a behaviour that is unusual for them, the best course of action is taking them to your vet for a check-up. At day care, we are lucky enough to get to know your pup, so if we notice anything that seems out of the ordinary for them, we will be sure to let you know!
  • Regular vet check-ups – this is something we will never stop recommending. Having regular check-ups for your dog gives you an insight into things going on that you may not be able to see.
  • A healthy diet and regular exercise routine – Just like people, having a healthy diet and regular exercise does wonders for overall health and also happiness! This is one of the biggest elements of preventative care.


At Paddington Pups, we advocate for proactive care and education for pet owners to ensure our pups lead comfortable, happy lives. They may not tell us they’re in pain, but with the right knowledge and attentive care, we can read their signs and provide them with the comfort and care they need.


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