Dog of the Month, November 2021 – Toby

09 December 2021

Mr Toby Hann has been coming to us since 2013, and it has sure been a treat for all here at Paddington Pups. He is practically part of the staff! Bree can still remember his first few days as such a teeny tiny little puppy, he has grown up so much since then.

He is such a loveable character with a gorgeous personality. We can always tell when he has gone down for a nap as you can hear him snoring away from down the hall! He is a very handsome boy and will use his looks and charm to get treats from anyone that is in the room with him. He will even wander over to the pig’s ear section after he has checked out of daycare and look up at everyone with big puppy dog eyes. He has it down to an art!

Thank you for being a part of the Paddington Pups family Toby – you brighten our days.

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