Our Annual Paddington Pups Christmas Party, 2023!

13 December 2023

Recently, we celebrated yet another Christmas party with our Paddington Pups team, this year venturing to a Paint and Sipsession where we put paint to canvas to create masterpieces of pups wearing Christmas hats (a fitting muse for a dog-passionate team!).

In the heart of our services lies a team whose dedication and hard work are the lifeblood of our success. Events like these are more than just an opportunity to relax and have fun; they’re a cornerstone in building a strong, cohesive team. Painting alongside one another, we shared laughs, compliments, and the occasional good-natured tease over our artistic interpretations. It was a chance to see each other in a new light, beyond our roles at work, and to strengthen the bonds that make our team work seamlessly.

Every year, we all partake in a survey of award nominations whereby each team member nominates others for different awards such as ‘best dog handler’, ‘best team energy’ and ‘customer value’, along with a heartfelt explanation as to why they are deserving. The practise of reading out all the wonderful things written about each other is something we cherish every year, as it makes it abundantly clear how much we all appreciate and enjoy working together.

We walked away from yet another Christmas Party feeling refreshed, bonded and ready to tackle the end of year craziness together, and to welcome another year of taking care of our beautiful dogs and clients!

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