The Gift of Giving: How Aussie Pet Owners Can Pay It Forward This Holiday Season

13 December 2023

As the holiday season approaches, it’s a time not only for receiving but also for giving. For pet owners, the festive season offers a unique opportunity to extend the spirit of generosity to the animal community. Here’s how you as and animal lover, can give back and make a difference in the lives of countless pets.


Donate to Brisbane Animal Shelters

Animal shelters in Brisbane, like the RSPCA Queensland, always welcome donations. These can range from monetary contributions, which help with the daily running of the shelter, to donations of food, blankets, toys, and other pet supplies. Check with your local shelter to see what items are on their wish list this season.


Sponsor a Pet’s Adoption Fee

The holidays can be a perfect time for a pet to find a forever home. By sponsoring adoption fees, you make it easier for deserving animals to find loving families. Such a gift can significantly increase the chance of older, disabled, or long-term resident animals being adopted.

Volunteer Your Time

Local rescue organizations in Brisbane, such as the Animal Welfare League of Queensland, are often in need of volunteers. Offering your time can be just as valuable as monetary donations. From walking dogs to helping with events, your involvement can be a rewarding experience.

Foster a Pet Over the Holidays

Fostering gives animals a break from the shelter and a taste of home life. During the holidays, shelters can become overcrowded, and by fostering, you provide a temporary loving home and free up space for another animal in need.

Support Assistance Dog Programs

Organizations such as Guide Dogs Queensland provide life-changing support to individuals with disabilities. Consider donating to these programs or even getting involved in puppy raising, which is a critical part of an assistance dog’s journey.

Create Care Packages

Put together care packages with essentials for dogs and cats and donate them to shelters or rescue groups. Include items like treats, chew toys, feeding bowls, and grooming tools.

Craft for a Cause

If you’re handy with a needle and thread, knit, crochet, or sew blankets, pet beds, or toys. Homemade items are often welcome at shelters and can provide comfort to animals waiting for their new homes.

Organise a Community Fundraiser Event

Host a community event like a dog walk, charity bake sale, or a pet photo session with Santa, and donate the proceeds to a local animal charity. It’s a festive way to rally the community together for a good cause and raise significant funds for animal welfare organizations. Plus, events like these not only raise money but also raise awareness about the needs of animals and the work of local shelters and rescues.

Support a Pet Food Bank

Help pet owners in need by donating to pet food banks or starting a pet food drive in your community. This act of kindness can prevent pets from being surrendered to shelters due to financial difficulties.

Give in Memory of a Beloved Pet

Make a donation in memory of a pet who has passed away. It’s a beautiful way to honour their legacy while helping other animals.



The holiday season amplifies the joy of giving, and when we extend this generosity to the animal community, we enrich our sense of compassion and humanity. Whether you’re in Brisbane or any other part of Australia or even the world, taking action to support pets in need can spread the true spirit of the season. Let’s make this time of year a little brighter for our furry friends who give us unconditional love all year round.

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