Dog of the Month, December – Charlie

04 December 2023

Known as Charlie Poo among the team, this crazy little man has certainly made his mark on Paddington Pups, and our hearts. He started coming to us when he was just a tiny little pup and has been blessing us with his smiles, zoomies and poodle kisses every day since. He has worked super hard on his training to contain his crazies when he needs to and has come so so far since the first day we met, and we are immensely proud of him! Through coming to see us so frequently each week, he has forged friendships with other pups at daycare, and created a particularly special bond with one of our beautiful standard poodles Mimi. The pure excitement that goes through him when he sees Mimi makes us absolutely melt!

Thank you for striving to become the best boy you can be Mr Charlie Poo, from all your friends at Paddington Pups, we love you!

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