Your Dog Road Trip Guide for the School Holidays

19 September 2023

As the school holidays get closer, you and your pup may be planning a road trip to visit loved ones or just get away from the house, so we thought we’d give you some tips on how to make long car trips as safe and comfortable as you can for your dog!


Pre-Trip Preparations

Before you set off on your journey, starting with a thorough health check at the vet can help make sure that your dog is fit for travel and minimizes the likelihood of any unexpected health detours. Once you you’re your pups is feeling great and ready to travel, it is a great idea to familiarize them with the car through short practice trips if they’re not accustomed to vehicle rides. Finally, never underestimate the importance of up-to-date ID tags and current microchip details—it’s always better safe than sorry!


Packing the Essentials

Journeying with your dog requires some thoughtful packing. Prioritize their hydration and energy needs by packing ample water and light snacks. A familiar toy can be a source of comfort and play during the journey. And, for those pups on regimented health routines, a pre-trip checklist that includes their medications can be invaluable. When considering what you may need at your trip destination, it is a great idea to pack your dogs a familiar and comfortable bed for a familiar piece of home that can provide them with an added sense of comfort while you are away.


Ensuring Safety and Comfort in the Car

Safety first: a car harness or a crate can make all the difference in keeping your dog safe. Combine that with a comfortable setup—think padded liners or their favourite blanket—for a pleasant ride. If your dog relishes the wind on their face, a small window opening (just enough for a sniff) keeps them safe from unexpected debris.


Making the Most of the Journey

Regular breaks can be a fun way to stretch both human and canine legs and offer a much-needed bathroom break. When it comes to meals, light feeding before the journey can help reduce any chances of an upset tummy or car sickness. Remember, the car’s internal temperature can soar, so it’s crucial to keep it cool, especially in our sunny Australian climate.


Reaching Your Destination

If the road trip involves an overnight stay or a longer vacation, ensuring your accommodation is dog-friendly is paramount. And, as an extra safety measure, scout out the nearest vet to your destination.


September’s school holidays are a golden time for exploration and making memories – which are only amplified by bringing along your dog! By ensuring their comfort and safety, our road trips can be seamless and enjoyable for everyone involved. So, as you plan your next holiday, factor in these guidelines for a worry-free adventure. Here’s wishing you safe travels from the Paddington Pups team!

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