B1G1 Towel Drive

08 May 2023

We have decided to continue our giving journey with B1G1 by running a towel drive to both repurpose pre-loved towels, as well as help save the Daintree rainforest!

What we need from you:

Any of your pre-loved towels, whether they be big, small, black, white, colourful, have a hole or two in it or have Spiderman on them, if you are no longer using your towels please bring them in!

The Impact:

As a business we are committed to making positive change both locally and locally and abroad…we are also a business that has a lot of dogs to dry!

Through this drive, YOU will be able to repurpose your towels that may otherwise find their way into landfill, WE will have towels to keep our pups dry, and TOGETHER we will be helping to save the Daintree – just imagine how much we can help at 1 square metre per bag we fill!


From now onwards!

We have a vision of this being a continuous system, similar to the meals and medications we provide to street dogs in Nepal and India every time we receive a review online.

For every bag we fill with your towels, 1 square metre of rainforest will be reclaimed, how could we put a time limit on that?!

Any and all contributions will be hugely appreciated. Thank you for helping us create positive change!

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