Barking up the Right Tree – June QnA

07 July 2023

Q: If I want to board my 2 dogs for 10 nights, will I have to purchase 2x 10 night packs?

A: Yes, the nightly boarding charge is per dog, meaning that if both your pups are coming in, you’d need 10 nights each. The charge is inclusive of food, walks each morning and a bath on departure, hence the charge per pup!


Q: With boarding, does someone stay there with the pups?

A: Due to Government regulations, we can’t have someone sleeping in with the dogs at night (like they do in some places in America), however we do have top-of-the-range monitoring and security processes as well as alarm systems that ensure all the dogs are well watched and cared for while they are sleeping!


Q: Where do the pups sleep when boarding with you?

A: We simply transform our daycare play sections into boarding areas for the overnight pups! We pair dogs of similar sizes and temperaments that we have seen to get along well, in different areas with a bed each, water and the radio going. We can also cater to having your pup in a crate or sleeping in their own little private suite if you wish for them to have personal belongings or blankets – if they are sleeping by themselves, rest assured that they will still be able to see, smell and hear the other pups in adjoining sections.


Q: Do all the dogs get along?

A: They truly do! We make sure to allocate dogs of similar size, energy and temperaments into the same play groups to make sure they match each other well. But in general, they all get along really well and form real friendships at daycare that we get to watch evolve every day!


Q: Do you guys get any Alaskan Malamutes or huskies?

A: We do! We have our beautiful regular attendee Franklin who is a Malamute, as well as a few husky friends!


Q: Can I still come to collect my dog after work when the roads are closed around Suncorp?

A: This is a great question a lot of people worry about! You definitely can come through the road closures in order to collect your pup, just talk to the lovely traffic control officers and they’ll let you right through.


Q: With long boarding stays (ie 4 weeks), how often do you wash and/or brush the pup?

A: For long stays, we rinse the pups every few days to keep them smelling fresh, and of course give them a shampooed bath before pick-up. We can also do more baths during their stay at the normal bathing charge on request. As for brushing, we upkeep dogs with a medium-long coat with brushing twice per week minimum!

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