Paw and Order – A Victory for Pet Owners in NSW to Keep Pets in Apartments

17 May 2022

Ever wondered what the rules are for having pets in an apartment?

For many people who are opting for apartment-style living in and around the major capital cities, it can be a difficult decision to move into a new place that does not allow pets, but that is the decision they are often faced with.

NSW based dog owner, Jo Cooper, knows all too well the challenges of being able to move into an apartment with a dog. For five and a half years, Jo fought for the right to keep her beloved pet, 14-year-old Angus the Schnauzer, when moving into her strata apartment complex in Sydney. Through hard work and dedication to her cause, Jo won her legal battle against the Owner’s Corporation of her apartment building to overturn a bylaw that saw a blanket ban on pets. With the NSW Court of Appeal ruling in Jo’s favour, they unanimously determined that a by-law banning pets was “harsh, unconscionable or oppressive”, resulting in a huge win for pet owners across NSW.

Although this is great news for pet owners in NSW, it can still be difficult to find pet-friendly accommodation in other states, including QLD. According to Strata Care, Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world with 62% of households having a pet, and almost 40% being a dog. Despite this statistic, house hunters who are looking to buy or rent must apply to gain approval to have a pet on the premises, but landlords or property managers still have the right to refuse.

Jo has published a book titled ‘Paw & Order’ as a way of celebrating pets and their owners and to say thank you to all those who supported her along the way. Paw & Order is a beautiful coffee table book, created as a love letter to pets of all shapes and sizes. It celebrates the bond between pet owners and their fur babies through stunning imagery and heartfelt stories which are sure to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.

Jo’s hard-fought victory has brought hope to pet lovers around the country that things can change for the better. Stratacare say that pet ownership in rentals is set to become easier, with the QLD government looking to introduce major reforms to the tenancy act. As a nation of dog lovers, this is great news and a positive step forward.

Jo’s book can be purchased here

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