Dog Beds and Play Gyms

14 July 2021

Did you know how much thought and care has gone into the specific equipment we have chosen for your dog?

Your fur baby is a member of your family so it’s only natural to want them to be happy, healthy and safe. At Paddington Pups, we share this sentiment and priortise your dog’s wellbeing. That’s why we are super-specific in what items we use, such as beds, toys and play equipment.

It’s no secret; dogs are basically messier children. They love chewing things up, peeing on anything they can and generally making a mess. The choices we make about beds and toys keep this in mind; all our equipment is able to be cleaned and disinfected properly and doesn’t present a risk to those of the pups that are prone to chewing.

Our play equipment is all plastic designed for children; while wooden structures look nice, they present a risk to your pups. They are very easy for dogs to chew on, which means a dog may ingest splinters or whatever chemicals were used to treat the wood, as well as creating sharp edges that could scratch or injure your pup. It is also very hard to clean wood properly, especially when you take into account how messy dogs are and their love for peeing on anything available.

Our plastic play equipment is easily cleaned, undergoing regular disinfecting and sanitising, as well as being tough and safe should your pup decide it looks tasty.

We use high-quality Kuranda aluminium beds – “The Toughest Bed on the Market”. The aluminium frame and nylon fabric make it impossible for dogs to chew – leaving no sharp edges or material able to be ingested, as well as being easy to clean and sanitise properly.

The waterproof nylon material is also great for those of our pups with sensitivities, as it does not harbour allergens.

You can rest assured that your pups are having their naps and rest time on high quality, supportive, and clean bedding.

Even our seats are specifically chosen so that they have no tiny gaps to get dogs paws or nails caught on them with durable aluminium all-weather benches. The dogs and team members can sit together and be together during the day without any risk of injuries.

It’s safe to say every aspect of what your dog plays with or is involved with here at Paddington Pups has been carefully considered right down to our flooring, fencing, cleaning products, the food we stock in-store and all the way through to our in-house shampoos and conditioners.






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