Barking up the Right Tree: Client QnA

14 June 2023

We have recently been putting up an ‘Ask Us Anything’ story on our socials to give our wonderful clients (as well as anyone else who may be considering joining the PPups family) the opportunity to ask any questions they want to know the answer to anonymously. Sharing these stories helps answer collective thoughts, so we thought we’d also start including them in our newsletters to sum up the QnAs from each month.

May’s QnAs!


Q: Can I bring my dog in for a hydrobath even if they don’t come to daycare with you?

A: Absolutely! We offer our walk-in services  between 9am-2pm Monday-Saturday (closed on Sundays). *Walk in services do NOT include grooming*


Q: How does my dog get Dog of The Month?

A: Our Dog of The Month award is based off attendance and behaviour, so as long as your pup is coming in frequently and begin a good boy/girl they are most certainly in the running!


Q: What vaccinations does my pup need before they can come in for daycare with you guys?

A: Your pup needs to be fully vaccinated to attend daycare. This means either a combination of the C2+C3 OR the C3+C4 OR the C5 vaccination alone. This ensures the health and safety of all the dogs in our care.


Q: What are some of the activities you guys have there?


A: Aside from having big, supervised play groups in the main daycare areas, we also run Playcare™ which hosts a bunch of fun and stimulating activities designed to engage pups’ brains and bodies such as toy play, enrichment toys and arts and crafts. We also celebrate birthdays, have special activities on event days (such as Easter Egg hunts), as well as professional event day photos such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween and  May the 4th !


Q: Do I bring in my own food for my dog or do you provide food for them in they’re staying (boarding)?

A: Either! You are more than welcome to bring your pups’ food from home when they come for overnight stays – we will give you a sheet to list their feeding instructions, or you can opt for our premium wet and dry food for their stay.


Q: Will there be a mid-year sale?

A: There will be. Keep an eye out…


Q: My dog is quite nervous, are there ways you cater to quieter, less social dogs?

A: Yes Absolutely, we divide pups into different play groups depending on their size, temperament and energy levels to ensure they are other pups with similar needs. By the sounds of it, your pup would be suited to our reception area affectionately named the ‘golden oldies and nervous nellies’ where the energy is calmer and they have a bit more human interaction.


Q: Do you guys not allow certain breeds?

A: We do not have any restrictions on which breeds can attend our facility whether it be for daycare, grooming or boarding. All are more than welcome so long as they are friendly!


Q: Do your staff go through proper handler training?


A: Yes! It is a requirement of our team to complete a comprehensive dog handling course that trains us in reading dog behaviour and how to manage groups safely. The team also has dog first-aid training as well

 as general dog health information to be able to accurately monitor and repot on any abnormalities they may see during the day to the owner. Your pups are in very capable hands!


Q: What age range of dogs do you guys have?

A: We have a large spread of ages with our oldest pups at 15 years and our youngest at 4 months and everything in between!


Q: How often do you guys get rare or uncommon dog breeds? Eg. Basenji, Newfoundland ect.

A: We have uncommon breeds quite regularly actually! Some of the rarest breeds we have come in include Basenjis, Brussels Griffens, Chow Chows, Bedlington Terriers and Bernese Mountain Dogs, just to name a few!

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