Halloween Fun: 5 Ideas for a Spooktacular Halloween with your Pup

14 October 2022

Halloween is our absolute favourite holiday of the year here at Paddington Pups and we love being able to celebrate the spooky season with our Paddington Pups Pack.

It’s easy to include your pup in all the fun and festivities of Halloween, as long as it’s done safely and doesn’t create any unnecessary stress or anxiety for your dog.

Here are some activities you can enjoy with your dog to make sure they are included in all the spooky fun! 🎃

1.) Dress your dog in a spooky Halloween costume – we see so many pawsome costumes for dogs every year for our annual Halloween costume competition and there are plenty of places to purchase a fun outfit online. Visit the DoggyTopia website for some great ideas. Below are some costumes from our dress-up competition last year for inspiration!

2.) Take some spooktacular photos – once you’ve chosen the perfect costume for your pup, take some photos to remember the occasion! Paddington Pups will be taking photos in-store against our ghostly Halloween-themed backdrop on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from the 17th – 31st of October. Bring your pup dressed in their costume on any of these days so they can join the photo shoot, and get a fun photo to take home.

3.) Take your dog trick or treating – show your pup’s costume off around the neighbourhood by taking them trick or treating with you and your family. Be sure to keep them on a lead, and absolutely don’t let them get a hold of any chocolate or candy as this can be toxic for dogs.

4.) Bake a dog-friendly Halloween-themed treat – they may not be able to eat the chocolate or lollies they gather while trick or treating, but be sure to give them a few dog-friendly treats so they feel included, or better yet, bake them something special! Here’s a ‘Spooky Dogs Pupcake Recipe’ that your dog will love!


5.) Watch a scary movie with your dog – this is a fun activity to do with the whole family including your furry friend. Having your dog to snuggle up to while you watch a horror movie will give you some comfort during the scary bits!

While Halloween is a fun time for us humans, your dog may not always be as enthusiastic as you about taking part in some of the activities. It’s important to always put your dog’s safety and wellbeing first, so if your dog is prone to stress and anxiety they may not enjoy being dressed up or taken around the neighbourhood trick or treating. If that’s the case it may be better to focus on activities you can do around the home where they feel safe and secure.

With that in mind, we wish you and your pup a spooktacular Halloween! 🎃

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