Paddington Pups’ Stall at Felon’s Great Artist Market!

20 March 2024

This past weekend, Paddington Pups had our first appearance at Felon’s Great Artist Market! We had a bunch of treats, info and merch and ran licki art sessions where we got to hang out with pups to do some beautiful artworks while their owners had a look through the other wonderful stalls.


Owners got to choose the sizes and colours for their pups artwork, which was then covered in a plastic sleeve and topped with their choice of delicious dog-friendly toppings for their pup to lick off, creating a beautiful piece of art beneath the plastic!


We hope to do more public events such as this one, we had so much fun chatting, patting and painting with you and your pups. A massive thank you to everyone who came and supported us in any way you could, whether that be coming in for a chat, a painting session or sharing us to your social media, we appreciate it all!

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