Love Letter from a Dog Boarding and Daycare Owner

09 February 2023

*This love letter, while written by an unknown author, speaks so many truths that ring close to our hearts here at Paddington Pups. We genuinely love your dogs and we love what we do, and feel truly honoured to be able to love and care for them.


I meet your pup. I fall in love with your pup.

I get to know you.

I share your daily struggles, going to work and after your day is done.

I know your loves, your dislikes, your struggles, your happy times and your sad times.

I listen to you boast with pride and I am here for you when something doesn’t go right.

I play with your pup, I feed your pup.

I make sure his/her poo is healthy.

Is he eating? Is he drinking? Do I need to add pumpkin to his food? Chicken and rice? Wet food so he will eat? Does he have allergies? Let’s check.

Does she have the correct vaccines?

Did he take his meds? Do I add them to wet food? Peanut butter? Cheese? As a treat?

Do I need to put the meds down her throat at the risk of being bitten? She needs her meds. Did she take her meds?

Did he play nicely? Did he get scratched? Is he limping?

Where did that blood come from? Her toe, her tooth, her ear? Is she a puppy? Is she teething?

Is he in the right playgroup? Too calm? Too active? Too big? Too small?

Did she eat her lunch? Is she drinking enough? Did she throw up? Have diarrhea? Why? Is she nervous? Shy? Confident? Does she have separation anxiety?

I comfort him, love him, redirect him when he misbehaves. Is he too tired? Too old? Too young? Does he need time alone?

Do I have the owner’s phone number? Emergency contact number? Do I take her to the vet? Or wait?

Do I tell the owner he has a tummy ache or wait a day with chicken and rice? What would the owners be able to do from their holiday? Will their emergency contact know what to do? Will it ruin the owner’s holiday if I call? Will they worry too much, when I could just tend to them for a couple of days with chicken and rice? Should I call?

I take your pup to the emergency hospital when I can’t get ahold of you. I cry, I worry. What do I do without the owner’s consent? The doctors are so understanding and helpful. I pay in order to get your pup the medical care that she needs no matter what the cost.

I feel exhausted, sad, worried, happy, thankful for your trust. Upset when you are disappointed or unhappy for any reason. Always trying to please. Trying to do my best every day.

I work all hours to be able to handle situations, to ensure your pet’s safety.

I provide food if you didn’t bring enough, or if your pup won’t eat while they’re here.

You have a family emergency. I fit your pup in even though we are fully booked, even if it means they sleep in my home. I give you a discount. I send flowers when you lose your best friend, or lose a loved one.

I cry when you are not looking, wondering if I am doing everything I can. I worry. Will you be happy with my services? With my employees? With my pricing? My conversation? My expressing of concerns to help your pup and you?

Will you ever know what I have done to ensure your pet is healthy, happy and excited to see you when you pick them up? Will you be upset with me if I tell you your pup acted out and needs training?

Do you know that I have policies in place for safety reasons? Not to inconvenience you.

Do you know I rarely have a break from overnight care of your pets?

We clean and clean and clean. Still, your pup catches a cold. You are upset. I worry. Do I get a bad review? I give blankets if you don’t bring one. I upgrade your pup’s accommodations and don’t tell you.

We have dishes, laundry, mopping, sweeping, cleaning walls, windows, playrooms, baths to do, bathrooms to clean, customer service, paperwork, reservations, phones.

And yes…eventually, we get to play with dogs.

I love my job.

I am a dog boarding / daycare facility owner.

– -Original author unknown-

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