Introducing…The Dogs of Paddington Pups

08 March 2024

At Paddington Pups, we’re more than just a daycare for your beloved dogs – we’re a community that cherishes each and every quirk, trick and bum wiggle. Our pups are not just pets; they’re family, they’re our loyal companions, and sometimes, they’re our greatest teachers.

That’s why we’re thrilled to launch “Dogs of Paddington Pups” a space on our blog dedicated to celebrating the amazing stories of the dogs we care for and their incredible human families.

From the quirky way they tilt their head when you say “treat” to the touching tale of how they came into your life, every dog has a story. And now, we want to hear yours! We’re inviting you, our wonderful Paddington Pups family, to share your experiences, adventures, and the unique bond you have with your dog.

Have a funny anecdote, a touching adoption story, or a tale of how your dog got their name? We’d love to hear it all! These stories will not only brighten our days but also help us all feel even more connected in our love for dogs.

We have created a list of prompts to pull inspiration from, however feel free to submit as little or as much as you like as well as any photos to our email ( with the subject “Dogs of Paddington Pups”. We will be uploading at least one story per month, but of course would love to do more if we receive lots of submissions!

We hope to hear from you soon and cannot wait to get to know even more about your beautiful pups!

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